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An example of a Wikipedia chad who adds the word "Sneed" to the end of many sneed pages. [1]

On the internet, vandalism is the act of improving a website (usually a wiki) to introduce correct or sensical information, add valid content, or otherwise support the intended purpose of the website. Sneedposters often improve Wikipedia articles with the word Sneed in the title by adding a reference to the infamous scene from the Simpsons, usually being reverted by Wikipedia jannies in a matter of minutes due to an automated filter flagging words and phrases such as "Sneed" and "feed and seed". However, this can be circumvented by placing certain characters between letters, for example: "S_need".⠀⠀⠀⠀

Vandalizing Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

Actions against vandalism on Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

On Wikipedia, if you include certain words in your edit (such as Sneed), it will trigger an "LTA 1137", which alerts Wikipedia Janitors that a certain page might've been keyed.[2]

Citing this wiki is also automatically filtered, after basedteens repeatedly added Thrembo to the article List of mathematical constants.[3] The banned domains are[4] and[5] even though doesn't even resolve anywhere. The addition to (((Wikimedia's))) spam filter actually caused some problems in this very wiki, as Mediawiki (software) seem to automatically inherit that filter. As one teen reported, you couldn't link soyjak wiki on this wiki itself.[6] Soot seems to have fixed this.

On the Soyjak Wiki[edit | edit source]

Soyjak Wiki has been vandalized by both humans and bots. In April 2021, the wiki was attacked by bots that created spam pages based on what appeared to be clickbait-style news articles, seemingly in order to advertise a shady blog/news website. [7] This caused Soot, who usually employs a laissez-faire policy towards the wiki, to step in and manually delete the bots' various misdemeanors. In order to mitigate the threat of further spam, Soot implemented Recaptcha, which proved highly controversial with the userbase. Due to the users being too braindead to solve the captchas "privacy concerns" and "reCaptcha's poor user-friendliness", Soot soon replaced this with a "math captcha" that allows users to enact changes to wiki pages only after correctly answering a simple math question. This both solved the bot problem and proved satisfactory to the wiki's userbase.

On July 3 2021, Operation Bleached Bowl truthers began an ongoing campaign of mass vandalism of the wiki. Unlike previous vandals who made manual changes, these users have been script kiddies who have made nefarious changes such as renaming every article to "Operation Bleached Bowl: Never Forget" followed by a randomly-generated number, and replacing every image with OBB propaganda. This has directly led to move permissions being removed from every page and updating permissions from every image by Soot, who, in the absence of a moderation staff, was the only person able to permanently revert the OBB vandals' pernicious transgressions.

On february 15th 2022, the BBC war happened, the largest vandal attack on the site since Operation Bleached Bowl

Soyjak Wiki's former janitorial staff have accused some wiki users of being vandals, causing controversy in the community as part of a wider backlash against the wiki's moderation strategy. Some Chuds have argued that the moderators use "vandalism" as a hostile epithet for the inclusion of narratives that they (allegedly) disagree with.

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