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This topic was created by or has connections to Der 'Cord
Don't trust anything you see. Read every revision in the page's history to learn the truth.
Der Jude
This page is dust
It was written by Twitter immigrants. Billions must die woah jack 💀

We No Speak Angeleno.

I look and sound like this.

Tripcode: Angeleno !BMDik3OFd2

I can not be emailed at angeleno (at) screamer (dot) wiki. Unsolicited offers will NOT be ignored. DO message me about moderation related to the 'party or booru. DO use the report system.

If you see any posts on any splinter sites (especially without a tripcode) or on the 'Party just claiming to be me, then they're probably me.

you will eat the bugs
you will always do it.
it is always done.
we also do it.
please do it.
hunter biden's penis