Two Soyjaks Pointing

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Two Soyjaks Pointing

Soyjak variant
Origin/qa/, 4chan (May 1 2020)[1]
671 As of April 22nd, 2023
Traced FromJohn Oberg's tweet

Two Soyjaks Pointing is a popular variant that depicts 2 'jaks pointing at something. While it became popular among the mainstream audience, it seems to have originated either in /qa/ or /pol/.

NAS Parodies on the Booru[edit | edit source]

An example of a typical two soyjaks pointing parody uploaded under the soy_parody tag. Note the lack of IAS characteristics.

This variant is firmly in hands of normalGODS, and is used as a template for various parodies of popular media. It is also used by 4cuck's /pol/troons, especially in Ukraine war threads. Many of these dusty images are uploaded on the booru, often by YaroslavTV and under the tag of soy_parody to the disdain of many 'teens.

Citations[edit source]

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