The Cancer That Is Killing /soy/

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The cancer that is killing /soy/ is a commonly implied talking point discussed by many soyteens. This is referred to the decline in quality of posts on /soy/.

Main Culprits[edit | edit source]

Americans[edit | edit source]

IT'S BURGER HOURS! It's said that quality drops significantly when Americans are awake. This includes raids getting snitched on, politicoal spamming, and gangam-style jaks. Just ignore that most of the board-wiping spam happens during European hours.

Neutralfag and "soylita" tranny spam[edit | edit source]

Insufferable faggots and literal transgenders love flooding the catalog with the same heckin' hilarious images of soylita and neutral Markiplier Soyjak, killing actual funny threads with unfunny vantablack niggerald spam with either incomprehensible niggerspeak or bland, repetitive faggotry. Make sure to sage the threads when replying Do not reply to them at all.

Kuz[edit | edit source]

Kuz, his Kolyma shills and jackbooted thugs who break into innocent soyteens houses in the middle of the night to beat them up for no reason are considered responsible for killing /soy/ by many teens.

Draw Thread Cartel[edit | edit source]

A group of trannies would create drawthreads which devolved into namefagging, NAS, and soylita OC. This faggotry would spill into the rest of /soy/ until the drawthreads were banished to /incel/ and died off.

Europeans[edit | edit source]

European and Australian hours had a lower activity and fewer jannies to moderate the chat. This made /soy/ more susceptible to raids, including NAScoal, tranny threads, soylita, and even CSAM, which would not be cleared till American hours. Less users also meant fewer effective raids, missed gets, and gems.

4chan[edit | edit source]

It is believed that certain boards, as revenge for stealing their gets, attempt to coal up the 'party by posting their own kind of "content" or by posting demoralization coal directly to the sharty.

Pornposters[edit | edit source]

Main article: Porn

Coomer pornposters have often been accused of ruining the party by spamming NAS and distracting 'Teens from producing high-quality soyjaks with pornography. Some have also objected to pornposting on the basis that it is immoral. This is also commonly considered to be one of the main things that killed 4chan's /b/.

Discord[edit | edit source]

Main article: Discord

Since the beginning of the sharty (and the soyjak era of /qa/), many discord groups existed. These groups generally were not very widely known in the beginning, as the groups attempted to be secret and hidden, although there were commonly jokes about "the /qa/ Discord." Soot explicitly banned advertising Discord servers. As these Discord servers became more and more brazen, more started worrying about them, and members of sharty Discords were eventually banned from and later this wiki.

Alternatively, others are now paranoid that anything new must be from Discord and start complaining about Discord even when there is not one behind the post.

The Booru[edit | edit source]

Main article: SoyBooru

it's well known that the 'ru hosts all kind of coals, brimstones and even (very very rarely) antimatter, such as 'ru exclusive variants and fads, dusty variant:unknowns, NAS content (that somehow gets approved), and even embedded 'p.

Drama[edit | edit source]

Everything else is merely a symptom of drama, which is the real Cancer That Is Killing Soy.

People complaining about the cancer that is killing /soy/[edit | edit source]

It is occasionally thought that people complaining about the cancer that is killing /soy/ are in themselves the cancer that is killing /soy/. This was also a common thought upon those from /b/.

(You)[edit | edit source]

(You) are all of these combined.

The Cancer That Is Killing /soy/
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The cancer that is killing /soy/
Sources [-+]
Symptoms [-+]

RacebaitTranniesNAS ♦ Pro-tranny posting ♦ CoalpostingDustBrimstone ♦ Engaging in and talking about sharty drama ♦ Politicoaling ♦ Pro-pedophilia advocacyCP SpamDotspamSnitchesSpamDemoralizationNeutralspamPorn ♦ Altchan/4chan Raiding and Jackbox Raiding slowly becoming less and less common ♦ Märgerautismus SyndromeSelf-insert syndromeFlagging

Treatment [-+]

Admin Thrembo ♦ KILLING ALL CORDNIGGERS ♦ Reporting bait and awful threads ♦ Organizing raids ♦ Bumping good threads ♦ Doxxing trannies ♦ Making /soy/ IAS only ♦ Implementing a CP filtering system ♦ systemctl stop nginx ♦ Not taking your meds ♦ and most importantly... Original Content