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Soyjak trend
Origin4chan /qa/ (most common variant)(August 22, 2021)[1]
Booru Posts 223 As of January 10th, 2023
Based OnVarious; most commonly Feraljak and Impish Soyak Ears

Nigga I'm Nuts, tagged on the Booru as Squirrel, is a gemmy trend in which soyjak variants are depicted as squirrels. The most common variants in this trend are Impish and Feraljak, but there are also edits for Nojak[2], Cobson[3], and Two Soyjaks Pointing[4].

Twitter users coalify this variant by changing his iconic catchphrase to "this guy's nuts" to avoid being jannie'd, de-platformed from his or hers job and home, and other nutty consequences.

Nutwave[edit | edit source]

Nutwave is a genre of soyjak music inspired by chipmunk song parodies. It is defined by squeaky voice and sped up tempo.

So far there have been 3 (there are more now but I'm too lazy to add them) nut-wrenching songs:


Sharty boi

Banned young

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