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A photo that was commonly used to depict sobot. OMGHISA
nigga i used to mod this website 💀💀💀 respect your elders
sobot, after being permabanned from the sharty.

Sobot smells like sulfur...

Sobot is a Polish? boy,[1][He just is, okay?] famous for his association and alleged affair with Yuri Kuznetsov and history as a moderator of

Relationship with the 'party[edit | edit source]

Kuz offers to fly Sobot to his home

On August 30th, 2022, a rogue janitor leaked some the mod IRC chat, including some private communications between Kuz and the mod team. The leaks included several messages kuz sent to Sobot, including an (allegedly in jest) offer to fly sobot to Memphis, TN, where Kuz lives. Following the leaks, many 'teens speculated that there had been some type of relationship between the two, but both have categorically denied these rumors, stating that most of the messages were just "jokes" or "taken out of context".

There has also been an ongoing discussion about Sobot's sexuality, due to his feminine appearance, many speculated he was a tranny and/or a faggot, but he denied both of these, claiming that "long hair is trad" and that many of the pics "were just jokes".[2] However, seeing as the volume of these posed, feminine pictures is only increasing, many have cast doubt on this claim. Some also claimed that all known photos of sobot aren't his, which was later confirmed.

Sobot was a former part of the QAfe Discord, but left.[3] Sobot later claimed publicly that he was responsible for its death, and is no longer involved in it.[4]

On February 27th, 2023, a thread claimed to have uncovered rare, explicit pictures of sobot. The thread garnered a few hundred replies within an hour.[5] These photos were proven to not be of sobot.

Stint in the staff[edit | edit source]

Sobot was a moderator for Kuz for a significant portion of his initial ownership of the site, and became a moderator mere days after Kuz took over, leading many to believe that Kuz had already known of Sobot prior to owning the site.[it just is, ok?] However, due to rising controversy and public pressure, Kuz dismissed Sobot in late August, and later lamented the loss of his "1 good mod". Following this, Kuz appeared in public less often, and announced a trip to Cyprus, which was cut short in November.

Sobot was later rehired at an unknown time and remained mod until being fired by Doll.[6]

Photos in which sobot trolled the public into believing were his[edit | edit source]

Catfishing[edit | edit source]

On March 4 2023, a post on Kiwifarms was made confirming that the older pictures of Sobot were actually of an unrelated e-girl named toastntestines.[7]

Sobot later confirmed it in the Kolyma discord.[8]

Sobot then posted REAL pictures in the 'sharty, showing that he is a Black Muslim from london[9], proving that Kuz is indeed, without a doubt, built for BBC.

Despite this, many still use the fake photos to depict Sobot. Some also believe that this set of photos are also fake and are of somebody else.

Permaban[edit | edit source]

oh no no no sobotsisters

Sobot was banned on September 3rd, 2023 by Angeleno under orders from Froot[10].

As a Soyjak Variant[edit | edit source]


Soyjak variant
Booru Posts 31 As of April 14 2023
Traced Fromtoastntestines

A soyjak variant of Sobot exists.

The variant received its first major surge of popularity outside of the 'party after right-wing pundit Patrick Casey used the image in a tweet.[11]

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