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Siddle me this?
The original and most recognizable Sidson notice the white iris,the inflamed nostrils,and upperbite

Sidson/Sidjak is an organic Soyjak variant created by former Know Your Meme member Vinluv, that is a "spiritual successor" to Cobson, using Russel Crowe as Sid 6.7 in Virtuosity as replacement for Jedediah Smith in Lawnmower Man. Sidson has accumulated a mixed infamy within the soy community mainly due it being brimstone coal made by an all american solider of Christ.[1]

Controversy[edit | edit source]

They may take our threads,but they'll never take away our IDs

Sidson's timeline is tied to #VATHgate. Since it's creation on the 30th anniversary of The Lawnmower Man, Sidson has recieved mixed reviews, majority of it being negativity and confusion. despite the criticism Vinluv continued to force push it until it finally got a tag on the booru[2] which was promptly hidden, spurring talks of #Vathgate once more.

The original Inspiration
Sootron,it was wrong to serve you.
The Final Sid-lution

Vinluv's Stalkers[edit | edit source]

Vinluv is frequently stalked by people who would like to play with his fat furry belly, however, they are too autistic and embarassed to ask for this upfront so they express their love by watching his every move on Twitter (the site they come from.) They also will repost their collection of his handsome face/selfies because they are too new to know that Vinluv loves when you do this

i'm trans BTW

Sid as a Means of Revolution[edit | edit source]

The Variant of the people

Sid's Polarizing nature makes the Variant prime use as fodder asing Soyvile War shenanigans,also as a battlecry against's Soot and Kuz's radicle decisions. Sid is also used as a mascot for #VATHgate protests,symboling a coming age of Jakking,led by Vinluvian forces.

In a sharty, there is a shaky truce between those who rule the boards, and those who rule everything.

Hid Sids[edit | edit source]

Can you find them all?

As a mean of protest[of what?] Vinluv developed a new form of stealthjakking, said jakking is hiding sids into regular soyjaks in hopes of incidentally being reposted and saved, spreading against the janny's will. Vinluv's attempts are quite successful with only his more intentionally obvious posts ignoring ire. Is this an ironic punishment? Has the 'sharty's hubris turned itself into the monster? We may not know now, but the tides are changing.

Relation to other 'sons[edit | edit source]

The Variant "Sidson" is seperated even furthur from other 'sons. Being a specific pastiche and sequel to the LawnMower man soyjak,it's asthetic similarities to the original Jacobson (bared,singular row of teeth,detailed whites and pupils in eyes) are purely convergent in evolution as the "Sid"-prefix is named entirely from the character of it's namesake (SID 6.7),though most 'jakkers simply title it "Sidjak" either to do misunderstanding, simplicity,or an attempt to separated form other 'sons. Vinluv,it's original creator,still stands besides the use of "Sidson" or "Sidjak",the naming controversy has many Siddish posters confused to this day. This page is a gem.

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