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The first ever Sharty Seal, now on display for future generations.

The Sharty Seal is a robust verification system designed to protect (commonly referred to as the sharty) from glowposts and bots AND NIGGERS who should be fucking blown up with RPG's. If a post has a sharty seal (SS) in the replies you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly researched and there are no CIA agents or niggers lurking in that thread, and this has been fact checked by Soot's Kuz's Doll's the Soyumvirate's team of jannies and volunteers though.

Fakes[edit | edit source]

A cheap fake.

In response to the grand unveiling of the sharty seal system, glowies, bots and niggers have taken towards creating counterfeit seals in a desperate attempt to trick users. Do not be fooled. Currently only one sharty seal is officially recognized and in active circulation. In March 2022 top experts gathered to unveil a new and even more perfecter sharty seal to replace the old one.[1]

Variant of the Year[edit | edit source]

The on-going Variant of the Year 2022 contest will decide which soyjak variant will recieve an official sharty seal from Kuz himself, thereby immoralising it as the peoples' gem. This award ceremony is to be televised on December 14th, 2022.

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