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>I sure hope he does not have any ill intentio-ACK! -- Doll, probably

A depiction of Red as Rapeson due to xer love of Soylita

Red, also called Max 2.0 was the manager of during the first few months of DOLL’s reign. According to Doll, Red and Janny are two different people THOUGH. Xhe was also known as Anglo or Pollyanna, or You on the wiki.

Red was demoted for a while when Kuz briefly returned, with DOLL taking Red's spot. Following DOLL's return to admin, Red became manager again. That was until August 9th, 2023, when it was announced that Red was fired and that DOLL would become the site’s temporary manager until further notice. Xhe actually remained janny for unknown reasons.

On August 14th, Red leaked the IP's of 'sharty administrators and innocent 'teens on some pedocord server xhe made (which was later renamed QAfe 2), then range'nishned all users just to promote it. This fiasco revealed Red knew the 'p spammer Goth and was also a member of der 'Cord. It is also marks the second public betrayal of Doll. His IP ( was later leaked as well, when Angeleno 'nished him from the wiki.[1] Over 100 users, sent by their 'nishment messages, joined that server, and in the large public VC the ‘corders were heard laughing about how the original SPVA left due to cobsovl.mp4, amongst other things.

Red's telegram "Anglo Wine" is @nsiqna882ldntu0, (I'll try to keep the @ updated as he changes it). A user on kiwifarms, Tepoztetacl, exposed her for being a troon and a Gamer girl.

Voice reveal of Red.

There is also a conspiracy that he is REDbannana7519 on soycraft due to them both liking minors and being british, however this has been debunked by EngineTheCommie who has known Redbannana for 9 years irl.

Facts[edit | edit source]

In a Q&A on /q/ Red has revealed a couple of facts about xerself.[2]

  • Xhe created his discord account since 2017.
  • Xher only response to anything you say on telegram are e-girl stickers, if you question why xhe does this, xhe says "they're cute okay"
  • Xhe's scared of powertools and is unable to even hang a painting
  • Xhe says xhe has no desire for paintings or cabinets, as xhe already has "flowers and funkos"
  • Xhe is a college student whos leeches off his dad
  • Xhe is 19 years old
the eye of the nigger himself in all of its 'sharty destroying glory
Red in a more accurate form
  • Xhe says "makeup, it makes people prettier, men should get over themselves and wear it too" (Doll how didn't you read this and realize he was a tranny corder??)
  • Xhe is from England.
  • Xhe was a 4chan janny before joining the Sparty.
  • Xhe’s been on the party since its inception in 2020 and on /qa/ for some time before that - xhe was seen vouching for /qa/ in the 4chan janny IRC after Operation Clean Stable.
  • Xer favourite hobby is reading, with his favourite genres being crime and mystery.
  • Xer favourite variant is Soylita.
  • Xer favourite "definitive IAS" variant is Impish Soyak Ears.
  • Red has known Doll since August 2022.
  • Thinks Babyjaks are cute.
  • The inspiration for xer name was the 1974 album "Red" by the British Progressive Rock band King Crimson.
  • Deserves to be beheaded.
  • Xhe also hates and ‘teens in general
  • Self inserts as Neutralita
  • Pisscord user, ‘p spammer
  • Selfish little fuck
  • Red has admitted more than once to being a detransitioner.
  • Red has admitted to watching yaoi from a very early age after being groomed into it.
  • Red has admitted to being a buddhist despite not following the five precepts

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