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The original randjak.

Randjak is a subvariant of wholesome soyjak used to represent right-libertarian soyjak.party users, often as a self-insert. He is closely associated with the push to convince Kuz to create a right-libertarian board titled /liberty/.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The first randjak to appear on the sharty wore khaki shorts, grey tennis socks, white New Balance sneakers, a light grey t-shirt with the Rand Paul for President 2016 logo, wire frame glasses and a Dr Pepper flat brim hat. It has been speculated that Randjak's hat is a reference to a character from the tranime series Steins;Gate named Rintarou Okabe, a mad scientist shown repeatedly to enjoy Dr Pepper that time travels to the past in order to prevent World War 3 and the formation of a one world government.

Personality and Relation to Chudjak[edit | edit source]

Randjak's personality is that of a stereotypical right-wing libertarian. He has occasionally been presented as a friend of Chudjak though a friendship between the two 'jaks has been disputed by both national socialist chuds and libertarian chuds.