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This page is a gem.

Good times had by all as they are long gone memories. Like looking back at a photograph from the 1800's.. they're all dead, including the buildings.

Rage comics are caricatures that depict extreme emotions or make fun of people (usually for feeling those emotions), similar to 'jaks. However, sometimes they depict wholesome emotions and are acceptably used for self-inserting.

KYMniggers and other subhumans will often claim soyjaks are reskinned rage comics, (even tho theyre spiritual successors) as if that's a bad thing. Which is why there is a recent attempt to revive ragies (and now some other old oldnigger memes as well) and introduce them into sharty kulchur.[1]

The First Rage Comic[edit | edit source]

Literal 'Sharty culture back in 2008.

The first rage comic according to "reputable" and "refutable" sources dates back to 2008 on 4chan's /b/ board which showcases rage guy taking a huge dump into his toilet only for the shitwater to splash back up into his butthole causing him to go into convolutions and spout out his iconic catchphrase; "f712u".[2] Which is coincidently the name of a faggoty subreddit that nobody's used in over a decade other than to repost the same shitty comic they made in 2012 for karma but brand it as an oldfag gem, because it is, okay?

Common Variants[edit | edit source]

Derp/Rage Guy/FFFFFUUUU- Guy[edit | edit source]

Perpetually angry about the most mundane things. (shit nobody cares about)

Also known as Herp, Derp Herpington, Herp Derpington, and other fucking retarded names that start with either 'Derp' or 'Herp, this is the first variant of the meme, from which most early variants came, such as Harp Darp or the one with the thumbs up. The same way you'd view the classic Soyjak is the same way you should see this. As the start of a very long journey that's just getting started. As a character his mostly showed as the dumbass how gets teased by trollface his derpinas brother (sometimes his her boyfriend but they look like so im assuming theyre siblings) and the tan of /v/ (tans dont have to be original cringey OCs they can be stolen from memes idiot) he haves lots of variants wich made him special such as that one where he haves a tall nose and the other one where he smirks like his about to rape somebody or the other overused one where he stares at tow different directions like the idiot he is or the biggest coal herp derp

Derpina[edit | edit source]


The female variant of the first ragie, AKA, the only reason there would ever be rule 34 of these series of these images, has been used as far back as May of 2010, as any previous archive before this time does not exist or has surfaced. Though, she seems much naggier than the rage guy when featured in the comics, likely due to the fact that she's often depicted as a housewife in almost half the comics she appears in.

Troll Face/Coolface[edit | edit source]


First appearing in a comic by Carlos Ramirez under the user Whynne on Deviantart on September 19th, 2008,[3] pertaining to the relatable cause of internet trolling and pretending to think you're much cooler than you actually are, this face has since become a phenomenon on the internet, likely the first of its kind, being a unstoppable force and the mask that anonymous internet users don to perform internet mischief and partake in trolling, which amounts to basically being a retard. The reason why it's known by the name Coolface is because of another comic that was uploaded to Ebaumsworld back in 2008 about two guys getting pulled over by an officer, and the guy behind the wheel pulling the a face on the officer before saying "Problem officer?".[4] This is likely also where the Trollface saying "problem" to everything originated from.

Forever Alone[edit | edit source]

This guy gets me.

♪ Forever alone ♪

♪ Forever alone ♪

♪ I am forever alone (forever alone) ♪

♪ There is nobody home (forever alone) ♪

♪ I have no valentine, I fap all the time ♪

♪ I am forever alone (forever alone) ♪

♪ No calls on my cellphone (forever alone) ♪

♪ I am forever alone (forever alone) ♪

*Cry break*

♪ Forever alone ♪

♪ I am forever alone (forever alone) ♪

♪ I'm stuck in the friend zone (forever friendzoned) ♪

♪ My dad did not cheer, when I told him I'm a queer ♪

♪ I am forever disowned (forever disowned) ♪

♪ I am forever a scone (forever a scone) ♪

♪ I am forever al capone (forever al capone) ♪

♪ I am forever trombone (forever trombone) ♪

♪ I am forever alone (forever alone) ♪[5]

It originated on Funnyjunk, what more is there to say? Other than the fact that in May of 2012 a no-name troll and shitposter decided that he was going to sue Team Meat for infringing on his presumed creation, filing copyright for the character a month earlier, claiming on Reddit that he had created the face back in 2005 on 4chan, quote; "in a /b/ image reaction drawthread". With another no-name coming out not that long before the first no-name, claiming he made the original face.[6][7] Even making a website where he claimed on there that in April of 2010 he was browsing 4chan when came upon a thread about "texting your ex-girlfriend and telling her that you still loved her." stating, "I thought the idea was idiotic, not to mention ironic. So I decided to draw something in response." which he did, according to him.[8]

Earlier on, in 2011, the 'cuck also concocted a scheme to make a bunch of socially awkward single New Yorkers look like idiots in front of the whole internet. Suffice to say, it didn't work, and nobody remembers this ever happening.[9]

Me Gusta[edit | edit source]

The Me Gusta.

Originated in early 2010, the first comic with the face was originally posted to 4chan by May Oswald where she samefagged and forced it into oblivion, while the face in all its uncompressed high resolution self being uploaded to her Deviantart under the handle "Insert31990" on March 18th, 2010.[10]

The face itself often gets confused with the "Sweet Jesus Face" in terms of the way the faces are used. With the Me Gusta representing strange/weird or disturbed and occasionally downright degenerate feelings or infatuations like admitting to the fact that you dug holes in your backyard only to stand in them and LARP as a fucking carrot. While the Sweet Jesus Face representing more simpler and relatable as well as blissful pleasures, like opening the dishwasher and steam flooding your nostrils, or the smell of gasoline, or even waking up during the middle of the night to grab a glass of water and enjoying it.

Okay Guy[edit | edit source]

'le 'ol 'cuck 'ace

The true origins of this face that "irrefutuable" sources tell you that it comes from are completely fucked. The earliest known still existing source that isn't from the-site-that-must-not-be-named is a Tumblr page from May of 2011, while the earliest page still existing comes from said "refutuable" site with two rage comic images in suspiciously similar styles uploaded by lollycop on August 24th, 2010.[11][12] While the link they give to the 'earliest known source' which was on the Russian comedy site Joy Reactor on 'June 24th, 2009' is actually from October 19th, 2011 with the user who posted the image joining the site just a day prior on the 18th of October, 2011. While lollycop joined the-site-that-must-not-be-named on August 24th, 2010 at 10:53 PM,[13] the page for Okay Guy being created at 10:55 PM, and the two images being uploaded at 10:56 PM and 10:57 PM, with him probably dipping right after that. While one of the earliest images posted to Reddit featuring the face was a day later on August 25th, 2010.[14] Therefore, Okay Guy is forced coal.

Fuck Yea Guy[edit | edit source]

self confident as shit

This guy is the coolest guy on the planet. His stance is rad, his attitude is bad, he hardly if ever gets mad, and if you ever meet him in person you'll be glad.

This cool guy also apparently also originated from knowyourwaifu.com, as the earliest source which does not exist anymore is from a random thread on 4chan's /b/ board (noticing a pattern?) on February 11th, 2010, with a comic featuring the face being uploaded on the same day to the site.

Cereal Guy[edit | edit source]

Cereal Guy.

♪ Milk and cereal, milk and cereal. Milk and cereal, cereal and milk. ♪[15]

Cereal Guy was created by a guy called Bob Averill on the SomethingAwful forums back in 2007 who posted a comic featuring the character, due to its massive popularity and his infamy with users of the site, it then gave him the idea to turn it into an actual webcomic series called "Lego Robot Comics" which was then renamed to "plastic Brick Automaton" in 2010.[16] A later polished version of the Cereal Guy's design would be the one usually used in rage comics.

There's a subvariant of the character that doesn't seem to have an official name other than some people calling it 'Newspaper Guy', obviously depicting a stick figure holding a newspaper, while also wearing glasses, with this variant being around as early as 2011.

LOL Guy[edit | edit source]

looks like your a racist lol guy
lol guys origin. turns out his racist

The LOL Guy, AKA, the closest rage face to looking like a proto-soyjak, was created sometime back in either early or mid 2010 by who knows. Seriously, who knows? It may have come from /b/ (according to a random redditor on the post for one of the first usage cases of the face within a comic on Reddit. As well as a supposed email sent to knowyourshrek.com) but that's still up for debate.

Either way a lot of people seemed to really have taken a liking to this one for how WACKY and RANDOM it looks!! LOL XD!

"Y U NO"?[edit | edit source]


Originated from Tumblr back in September of 2010, perhaps earlier, given that this is the first instance of the phrase "Y U NO" being used rather than the actual origin of the drawing itself, this is also more of an image macro meme rather than a character actually used in rage comic. Regardless, there was some cross over between this hideous face and the other hideous faces. about its origins his face is cropped from a manga

Poker Face[edit | edit source]

Poker Face (Original Variant)
Poker Face (Remake)

The Poker Face either lies within not between Reddit or 4chan's domain depending on the source. Either way, this doesn't COMPLETELY matter as there's a second less popular variant from a year later in 2011 that is occasionally used, mostly in its subvariant form "Bad Poker Face".

Sweet Jesus Face[edit | edit source]

Sweet Jesus Face

The Sweet Jesus Face originated from a comic on Deviantart called "Nobody is Right" which was uploaded on September 16th, 2008 by the well known and 'influential' 4chan oldfag drawfag 3-Angled-Blue (also famous for his v vs. b comics[17] which actually included a reference to Rage Guy in one of the panels).[18] The face in its rage comic form was only slightly different, with the mouth being flipped upside down and the eyes made cross-eyed.

Nowadays quite a few people would recognize this face as the YOBA face or "Comfy Guy" which started before the face was used in rage comics.

Yao Ming/"Bitch Please"[edit | edit source]

Yao Ming Face
That face when you pull some shit, and you know what's gonna happen, and yet karma is a bitch.

The Yao Ming face came from a MS Paint tracing sketch of professional Chinese basketball player Yao Ming laughing at a press conference in 2009, published in a series of sketches to Reddit on July 11th, 2010 by user, downlow.[19] The original variant of the face is often used to display emotions of what would essentially be "yeah, no, fuck that shit." in a verbal context, very thinly layered sarcasm that is more genuine of OP's actual thoughts than not, or comedic dismissal of someone's opinion, like, say, throwing a kid off onto some railway tracks with a high-speed train coming up quickly and is right about to obliterate 'em into itty bitty pieces just for liking Justin Bieber. tbh, pretty gemmy and keyed

This face also has a subvariant of which where it is disgusted as to what its eye gazes upon, also let me leave you with the fact that it came from a comic where a retard gets told by his mom to take out the trash, only for him to give a smart ass response stating "suck my dick lol", his mom immediately obliging, and then only for him to respond with a disgusted yet horrified look in his face.

Are you Fucking Kidding Me?[edit | edit source]

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?
you can tell this is actually the origin by the artstyle
yes this is the origin dumbass

Exactly what it sounds like. Thoughbeit, no one can decide on if this either originally from Reddit or from 4chan, (it was a russian site) and the earliest known post using this face according to Knowyoursheen.com has no actual archive, so supposedly it came from Funnyjunk/was popularized on Funnyjunk sometime in May of 2010, and only continued to spiral out of control from there.

btw i have the original comic it was some russian unfunny shit of some guy getting chased by a girl she asks him out and he does this face it got cropped and used for rage comics then

NO. Face[edit | edit source]


This face came from the forum for Cheat Engine on August 10th, 2010 posted by Up2Admin as a simple reaction image.[20] He later re-uploaded the drawing onto his Deviantart account Galaxyframe on September 23rd, 2011. This face oozes pure vitriol, AKA, if Squidward were a rage face.

The Powerpuff Girls 2016 reboot actually tried referencing this meme at some point but fucked it up because they likely got the face confused with No Me Gusta, as even though Bubbles has the NO.[21] facial expression she continues to express detestment by crossing her arms and saying 'no me gusta'. Because referencing the most outdated shit on your show is bound to get you your well-deserved positive attention and adoration and not constant mockery and ridicule. Sure.

Oh Crap/OMG Rage Face[edit | edit source]

Oh Crap / OMG Face

The "Oh Crap" face originated sometime in late 2009 in a comic about how the PS3 has no games, with it being used in rage comics as early as 2010.

The face is often used in a shocked or taken aback flabbergasted way, but also in times of a revelation or a bone-chilling spine-tingling brain-storming lightbulb moment, as well as a subvariant which expresses full on blind rage.

Inglip CAPTCHAart memes are a subvariant offshoot which uses the rage face as a means to characterize "Gropagas" which are acolytes or servants who speak to "Inglip" through gibberish captchas that don't mean anything, but the "Gropagas" pretend as if they do. With the captchas reading things like "Inglip summoned" or "create Trathira" which I don't know about you, but to me seem very bone-chilling spine-tingling hair-raising and spook-defining.

Harp Darp/Herp Derp[edit | edit source]

Harp Darp / Herp Derp Face

Essentially some guy made a very crudely drawn variant of derp that looked like shit and so everyone on Reddit felt bad for him and decided to take his forced meme and use it in their ragies, the tradeoff was that every character that uses this face is depicted as a idiot who doesn't know shit about shit. So like, did he really win in the end?

Oh God Why[edit | edit source]

Oh God Why Face

The face you make when you remember something either extremely unbelievably embarrassing, or something held deep within your subconscious only to immediately surface, shoot off like a firework, and send you into a cringe coma. That's the face.

Another meme from Funnyjunk, [insert meme here]. A compilation of this face being used in rage comics was uploaded on July 23rd, 2011 by a potentially portuguese guy with the username Diamondhead, who claimed he made the face.[22] He later forced onto other sites like Reddit under the handle ozzymustaine, before getting banned sometime after November of 2022 wih a whopping 951,042 karmarinos and no-lifing for 11+ years on the site.[23] He did it, Reddit!

Milk Face[edit | edit source]

jews when they see money

♪ Milk and cereal, milk and cereal. Milk and cereal, cereal and milk. ♪

The "Milk" face is the face you make when you see a hefty pair of bongos that you want to bang. The face itself is often used to express shock or bafflement to things like lust and strong sexual desire.

The face originated from 'eddit.cum in a comic by the user MysteryStain, which was uploaded on April 13th, 2010. The comic was about pouring as much milk into a bowl of cereal as to not taste the dryness of cereal grains with the character confidently stating "MOTHERFUCKING MILK ON THAT SHIT". But as fate would have it, he had as much milk in his carton as there are lakes in Maryland.

All the Things[edit | edit source]

Clean All The Things!

"All the Things" is a snowclone phrase meme and used to make an exaggerated over the top statement about performing an action before coming to the sudden realization of what performing that action entails and then getting sad over it because "wahh I don't wanna do that".

The meme came from the blog/web-comic Hyperbole and a Half, which published a comic titled "This is Why I'll Never be an Adult" by an artist named Allie Brosh on June 17th, 2010.[24] The comic showcases her disinterest and unwillingness to keep up with her adult responsibilities because "wahh I don't wanna do that".

I Lied[edit | edit source]

I Lied!!!

I Lied is a stereotypically dastardly devious mustache twirling nefarious creature that is for some reason blue, and like with some of the other faces, it is ALSO used in a very exaggerative manner such as in the case of untruthful double-faced trickery, AKA, plain dishonesty, which if told enough times could spin things out of control could actually be really bad. That is, if you do only stick to little insignificant white lies that don't have any major impact or consequences on your future.

The first time I Lied was used in a rage comic was posted by user Coveiro on Reddit, on May 10th, 2011.

Subvariants were eventually made not too long after one of the first instance of 'I Lied' being used in a Rage Comic, with a 'strawberry' variant being introduced on June 22nd, 2011. With others following shortly after such as 'No Homo', 'Watermelon Man', 'Bad Apple', 'Tomatous', and others under the category 'Fruit Men'.

Big Grin[edit | edit source]


big grin is the perfect insert for laughter. whenever i see a ugly person i just wanna do that face th origins of this thing comes from a rage comic of some guy trying to hit in a girl by telling her she would look good if he breed her. its mostly used in 4chan in console wars. big grin is still around with pepe and wojak variants

Is Soyjak a rage face?[edit | edit source]

Yes, classical soyjak is derived from feels guy (AKA wojak) who is definitely a rage face both in timeline (2011) and naming scheme. however not only that but any other form of a "le drawn mockery face" or even none mockery drawn faces are considered rage comics.( yes even silly cat counts sadly :( )

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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