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Average onions fan

An Onion is a vegetable. Farmers and gardeners can grow onions from seeds or from bulbs. If they plant seeds, they must later pull out most of the young plants so the rest can grow better. This is called 'thinning.' A different way to plant onions is to plant young bulbs. This is faster, but the onions that grow this way are weaker than the onions that started as seeds. There are many different types of onions, such as Sweet, Spanish Yellow, Spanish White, Small White, Small Yellow, Scallions, Shallots (controversially), and Red Italian

Association with Soyjaks[edit | edit source]

Onions are heavily associated with Soyjaks due to 4chan word filter which automatically turns the word soy into onions, and when combined with another word, into based. For example: soyjak becomes basedjak. Usually soy posters will spell it soi and soijak. If you come across someone confused, surprised or unintentionally allowing soy becoming either onions or based, such as Soot[1][2][3], this means that they are relatively new to soy posting and 4channel in general.

It is assumed that the reason for this word filter was because /pol/ claimed that onions increase testosterone.

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