Oldfag Dysphoria

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Not to be confused with Gender Dysphoria.

This page is a gem.

A Sufferer of Oldfag Dysphoria, displaying symptoms.

Oldfag Dysphoria is a condition that causes a person who browses imageboards to believe they have been using the board for a lot longer than most people on the site, or that they should have been "born" an oldfag but for some reason are a stinky newGOD instead. The affected may sometimes believe that the date he joined (Ex. 2019) is enough to qualify him/xim as an oldfag, even if most other users would not agree. Some sufferers may choose to identify as an oldfag, in other words, transitioning into becoming a "real" oldfag though that rarely ends up working out. The condition has seen a massive increase in recent years, and it is underlying cause is currently unknown. It is important not to call a sufferer a "newfag" or a "faggot", as this often leads to the suicide of the affected.

Symptoms[edit | edit source]

On the 'arty[edit | edit source]

Some 'teens LARP as le hecking sootists who miss they oldfag memes like dem mental asylum and sproke and niggerweed. Whenever you see one of these insecure niggers (aryans albeit), remind them that oldCHADs hate it when people shit on newGODs (since that's hecking and friggin 4cucked)

Treatment[edit | edit source]

  • A sufferer of Oldfag Dysphoria beginning his Transition therapy for the day.
    Browsing Desuarchive and/or Encyclopedia Dramatica (even doe this only makes it worse)
  • Becoming a 4chan Janitor (this too makes it worse)

THE REAL TREATMENT[edit | edit source]

  • Killing yourself, preferably livestreamed so I can laugh at you while you do it
  • Coming to terms with the fact that you will never be an oldfag
  • Worshipping NewGODs instead (though this can lead to problems in and of itself)

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