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Namefag is a term used to refer to users of imageboards such as 4chan and the 'party who have decided to ignore the default anonymity of the site by giving themselves a name or another distinguishing characteristic. Users who post images of the same fictional character (it could be from anything a videogame, anime, movie, show, book, etc) regardless of content are known as Avatarfags, while users who have unique tripcodes are known as Tripfags.

Namefaggotry and tripfaggotry is enabled by most imageboards, but the feature is widely disliked by the users because of how rife it is among trannies and attention-deprived losers, and because it's not permitted by the fucking oldchad culture. As a mechanic, posters can start a name/trip by entering one into the appropriate field in the reply form.

Most of the people who edit this very 'ki are namefags, as they are pussies who would rather engage in namefaggotry than use a proxy to edit the 'ki.

On the sharty, the name and email fields were removed, rendering namefagging, in the traditional sense, impossible. However, on some splinters, namefagging and its cousin tripfagging can still be achieved, either through traditional methods, or just by putting stuff in the subject field. Plus, if namefagging on an imageboard doesn’t give you enough attention, there are plenty of other places you can namefag on anyways.

Tripfags[edit | edit source]

Tripfags are a subset of namefags who use unique password-hashed tripcodes so as to prevent impersonation by everyone without the password

Vanity Tripfags[edit | edit source]

Despite being devised as a secure cryptographic signature, some based retards use custom tripcode generators such as Meriken's Tripcode Engine[1][2] to fish for a custom trip that spells their name or whatever sequence of characters they're willing to spend enough computational power on. Cool I guess?

Stalking[edit | edit source]

/sp/ tripfag UTV (!MjaFqpDkME) was advised to change his name and flee the country[3] after a mentally-ill gigachad stalker posted a massive diary and fanfic-infodump about him. Indeed, he stopped posting immediately after[4] and has never been heard from since[5]

Attaching a unique identifier to your every post is like publicly datamining yourself and is a good way to get stalked by schizos, but maybe that's the goal. Indeed, some tripfags seem to wish that they would be stalked.[6][7]

List of namefags and tripfags[edit | edit source]

On 4chan[edit | edit source]

  • El Arcón - Genuine, actual schizo[it just is, ok?] from /bant/ who constantly talks to himself[8] in his "constant anal rape thread", which is pretty much a recurring general that only he posts in. He solved the Riemann hypothesis meaning he is owed $1 million USD by the Clay Mathematics Institute. However, he was unable to get his paper peer-reviewed.

On the 'party[edit | edit source]

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