Märgerautismus Syndrome

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Märgerautismus Syndrome, formally known as Marge-Inducing Autistic Obsession (MIAO) is a neurodevelopmental disorder stemming from the autistic spectrum where an individual posts something autistic and refuses to elaborate, causing the Marge Effect for other individuals who may stumble upon their post.[1]

Posts made by people with MIAO are characterized as being very unclear and autistic. In most of those posts, the autistic signals may come from the fact that they posted shit nobody cares about and expected people who read it to understand, without giving any context on the matter.[2]

Common contents of posts made by people with MIAO[edit | edit source]

An example thread from a poster who has MIAO. No one knows whats this tranny shit.
An example of more than one person with MIAO, no one but them knows who that person is, possibly a samefagged post

[3]The contents may vary from shit nobody cares about to nonsensical ramblings, albeit the latter is more commonly associated with schizophrenia.

Topics on threads made by MIAO sufferers may include, but are not limited to:

MIAO on Soyjak.wiki[edit | edit source]

People diagnosed with Märgerautismus may create coal articles about irrelevant, uninteresting or completely delusional shit. Take a quick gander at pages that are candidates for deletion to know what we're talking about.

Citations[edit source]

Märgerautismus Syndrome
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Treatment [-+]

Admin Thrembo ♦ KILLING ALL CORDNIGGERS ♦ Reporting bait and awful threads ♦ Organizing raids ♦ Bumping good threads ♦ Doxxing trannies ♦ Implementing a CP filtering system ♦ systemctl stop nginx ♦ Not taking your meds ♦ and most importantly... Original Content