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Lost media soyjaks, also known as the lost 'jaks, are a theorised group of soyjaks which once existed but no longer do. A soyjak is considered lost media if it does not have a presense on the 'ru and cannot be found on archival sites like archive.org. Research involving carbon-dating suggests that 90% of all soyjaks ever created have been lost to history.[1]

Recovery[edit | edit source]

Jak-themed bingo cards, once thought lost.

After realising that a jak is lost, the best chance at recovery is to petition soyjakkers to check their files for the lost jak. The first 24 hours are the most important. It is best to ask calmly but to get straight to the point: "Has anyone seen the jak who (description)? I can't find it."

Notable examples[edit | edit source]

To be researched: any other examples?. Can (You) help us?

  • The Wheels of TND
  • according to the stonetoss page in this very wiki, someone pretending to be him once did a AMA with drawings in /soy/, real or not this thread is long lost

Known creation events[edit | edit source]

It is unknown why some jaks end up as lost media and others don't; the vast majority of lost media soyjaks are never recovered for analysis. However, there are well-evidenced theories supported by known creation events on how lost media soyjaks come to be.

Lack of party archives[edit | edit source]

Every board on 4chan including the late /qa/ is serviced by third-party archival sites such as desuarchive--this makes it easy to track soyical trends and mine for hidden gems. For a long time there was no such corresponding service for soyjak.party despite overwhelming demand from the community - without an archive, when an image is pushed off the catalogue, it's gone for good.

There is currently renewed interest in a party archive following the Great Purchase and the site's takeover by Kuz, who had supposedly promised such a service, and eventually did create an official archive - the "Afterparty" - on sp.logwarehouse.net, which archives posts that are more than an hour old in order to minimize the archiving of cheese. In June 21st, 2023 the afterparty when down, and was down for nearly a month, any thread that wasn't manually archived by 'teens was lost forever. It came back in late july but shut down again in August. Angeleno has access to all of the posts, but over 80% of files in the archive don't work anymore.

Deletion of SoyBooru[edit | edit source]

On August 25, 2021, SoyBooru was deleted by a booru.org admin. This event wiped out a year of archival work from 'jak history and possibly created thousands of lost media soyjaks as the soy community was forced to port an incomplete backup to OnionsBooru.

On August 14, 2023, the SoyBooru was taken down along with Soyjak.Party in the wake of Doll selling the site. The site's future remains uncertain, but as it stands, it is possible many gems will become lost media due to this event. it's back online albeit lost around ~8000 jaks

Splinters[edit | edit source]

During the soypocalypse many, MANY splinters were made and most went down either because the mods couldn't handle the cp spam or were shut down because of the sharty's return, any content posted in them is likely completely lost

hyprobj[edit | edit source]

On January 19, 2022, a Jackbox raiding party raided the Twitch streamer hyprobj and got him to browse the 'party on air, culminating in him drawing and posting his own 'jak. Despite being a highly spectated event, there are no records of the actual file he uploaded. Soot is offering a $10,000 reward to the first person to produce the authentic hyprobj piece. It has been found, fortunately, even though it turned out to be NAS coal. Hyprobj also made a colorjak variant, which is suspected to be lost to this day.[real]

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Citations[edit source]

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