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To be researched: Lolkek was apparently an admin during the Soot era and early Kuz era. Please provide the dates here, if they are known.. Can (You) help us?

Despite what this article shows you, there certainly have been instances of an, or multiple, unreported technical admins, who may or may not have been, relative to the official story, prior or future admins, or even unheard-of users entirely, who never made any public debut. From this article you will learn only of the public faces. Things are not what they seem.

Note: Light yellow columns indicate admins without the Mandate of 'lent; Green columns indicate currently ruling admins.

Soyjak Representation Name(s) Start of Term End of Term Duration Organisation
Sooty a.k.a NateHiggers and NiggerAdmin Sep. 20th 2020 June 8th 2021 261 days Independent
Captain Coal a.k.a Allah June 8th 2021 (05:19 GMT[1]) June 8th 2021 (~10:15 GMT[2]) ~5 hours r/Markiplier
Sooty a.k.a NateHiggers and NiggerAdmin June 8th 2021 July 14th 2022 401 days

(662 days total)

Kuzzy (1st evolution) a.k.a Yuri Kuznetsov July 14th 2022 Dec. 9th 2022 149 days KolymaNET
George Floyd via Glowie Fednetsov a.k.a. Bot Kuz[3] (De jure under U.S. law; disputed albeit) Dec. 9th 2022 Dec. 9th 2022 ~5 minutes CIA (U.S. Government Seizure)
Kuzzy (2nd evolution) a.k.a Temucin a.k.a the Khan Dec. 9th 2022 May 17th 2023 160 days KolymaNET
Dolly (first evolution) a.k.a. Leonid Kozakov April 17th 2023 (temporary)

May 17th 2023 (permanent)

July 12th 2023 285 days (Manager)

30 days (Acting admin)

56 days (Admin)

KolymaNET / Independent
Kuzzy (3rd evolution) a.k.a Temucin a.k.a the Khan July 12th 2023 July 16th 2023

(as Admin) or

July 18th 2023

(as Co-admin)

4 days (Admin)

2 days (Co-admin)

(315 days total)

Yuriy-Kuznetsov Trust
Max a.k.a Anton Maximov a.k.a Yuka a.k.a KIKE July 16th 2023 (Co-admin)


July 18th 2023 (Admin)

July 23rd 2023 2 days (Co-admin)

5 days (Admin)

(7 days total)

Israel (Yuriy-Kuznetsov Trust)
Captain Cob a.k.a Cobson ## Allah a.k.a Captain Coal's son July 23rd 2023 July 23rd 2023 2 hours and 39 minutes #COBGANG
Literal human feces powergap July 23rd 2023 July 23rd 2023 unknown, possibly same as captain cob CLASSIFIED
Dolly (second evolution) a.k.a. Leonid Kozakov July 23rd 2023 August 14th 2023 21 days Independent
Dr. E (first-evolution)[4] August 14th 2023 August 14th 2023 Some hours Brazillian drug cartels
Max a.k.a Anton Maximov a.k.a Yuka a.k.a KIKE August 14th 2023 August 14th 2023 Some hours Israel (Independent)
Anarchy (due to temporary shutdown) August 14th 2023 August 20th 2023 6 days site shut down
Dr E (second evolution) a.k.a Admin 5 a.k.a. Chood[4] August 20th 2023 August 20th 2023 ~4 hours Independent
Anarchy (due to temporary shutdown) August 20th 2023 August 22nd 2023 2 days site shut down
Dolly (third-evolution) a.k.a. Leonid Kozakov August 22nd 2023 (co-admin) August 31st 2023 9 Days

(86 days total)

Soyumvirate (Soy Triumvirate)
Angeleno a.k.a. lawhichcraft August 22nd 2023 (co-admin) Ongoing 41 days Soyumvirate / Soy Duumvirate
Froot a.k.a. frooby froob a.k.a. Fr✡️✡️t August 22nd 2023 (co-admin) Ongoing 41 days Soyumvirate / Soy Duumvirate

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Prophesized Admins[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Soyble

In Soychastology, there are a variety of admins prophesized to at some point seize control of the sharty. Their existence do be debated amongst teens Though, and their true identities remain debated to this day.

Soyjak Representation Name(s) Origin Significance Organisation
borderless Admin 6 a.k.a. Toos a.k.a. The Anti-Soot ijak Chronicles Said to be the sharty's final admin, and the one who leads it to destruction. Der 'Cord
borderless Admin Ϫ a.k.a. The Savior a.k.a. The Anti-Anti-Teen The Soyble The supposed successor to Admin 6, said to save the sharty and restore /qa/. Independent
borderless Gemthon a.k.a. Literally Who? Nowhere Said to become a mod in the booru, then the sharty, and then finally become an admin who will enact TFD.< will never happen btw Schizophrenia
borderless Dr. E (third evolution) a.k.a. Chood a.k.a. Gigachad Badass Cult of Chood Choodists believe that Dr. E, in his disguise as Chood, will return and destroy the Frootist order because he's such a gigachad badass. Cult of Chood
??? Red-Sparrow a.k.a Chud50002[Marge…] Jabba ROCKS!!![Marge…]

Soyjak Depictions[edit | edit source]

Every Admin is traditionally given his own soyjak depiction by the community, with there often being a race to be the first to design an Admin. Wholesomejak is the most common variant for Admin depictions.

  • Soot is portrayed as a grey-skinned soyjak with yellow patches around his eyes. This color scheme was based on soot (coal dust), which is grey, and cartoon/puppet bear Sooty, who is yellow. [5] The original Sootjak was a Feraljak and featured anthropomorphic bear ears and snout that did not catch on in later iterations.[it just is, ok?] Gapejak is now the most popular variant to use for Sootjaks. There has been debate over whether Sootjak actually has yellow patches around his eyes or is just wearing yellow-tinted glasses. Do not investigate this further.
  • Captain Coal is portrayed most often as an angry feraljak with a pirate’s hat and a texture of coal all throughout his body.
  • The Khan is portrayed with his own variant, Kuzjak. There are two versions of him: first, the original tracing of Kuzjak; and second, an edit of that with a KGB-style uniform and peaked cap. Both of these were created before The Great Purchase.
  • Glowie Fednetsov has a portrayal based off the KGB-uniformed Kuzjak, but with bright green skin, wearing a white mask, and a uniform colored in light shades of blue-purple.
  • Doll is portrayed as purple-/pink-skinned, originally with buttons for eyes and a stitched mouth, in accordance with his name, though sometimes he is simplified to just having pink skin. His glasses are tinted blue.
  • Anton Maximov’s depiction is disputed. His first depiction, made months before ever becoming even co-Admin, is as an angry normal-skinned (caucasian) wholesomejak with red-tinted glasses, wearing a red fully-buttoned-up blazer. The first depiction’s nose was later changed to the nose of the Happy Merchant caricature after Doll revealed in his telegram that Maximov’s ethnicity was Jewish. The second portrayal is an edit of a previous soyjak depiction which was meant for Lute,[Marge…] which itself is an edit of Kuzjak. It has grey skin, orange-tined glasses, ears, a blue jacket with red stripes and a Kolyma logo, an angry Chudjak-like brow region, a Jewish kippah, the nose of Gapejak, and a mouth region similar to that of angry Cobson edits, with dimples (?) rising nearly up to the nostrils.
  • Captain Cob is depicted with a very specific low-resolution image of a distorted, surprised-looking Cobson. Otherwise he’s depicted as a Cobson wearing a the same pirate hat as Captain Coal.
  • Literal Human Feces Powergap is ██████████ ██████ █ ███████████ ██████████ ████████ ██████████ cobson ████████████████ thrembo ██████████ Kolyma ████████████████████████████ CIA ████ ████ ████ ███ ████ 9/11.
  • Dr. E is portrayed with red/orange skin, a black eye-area (though this is not due to tinted glasses), and a black-and-red suit. He often has a long vertical scar around his right eye, and is seen smoking a cigar. In some edits, he has a name-tag, while in others is bald except with messy black hair around the sides. In one edit a grey ear is sewn onto him, with a mushroom growing out. Chood has similar features despite not knowing that they were the same, did i predict that?
  • Admin 5 (THEY ARE DIFFERENT, OKAY?!) is depicted, curiously, as Admin Thrembo, though many Choodists would agree that they’re the same individual. He is portrayed with a closed-mouth A24 Slowburn Soyjak, with green skin (though it is NOT glowing), pink lips, shades, and a cigar, the latter two likely influenced by epic MLG edits. He wears a black top hat with a green Thrembo on it.
  • Angeleno’s soyjak depiction is disputed. The first comes from an edit of based off of an icon of the Armenian historian, poet, clergyman, St. Movses Khorenatsi,[6] with Angeleno writing in a book with an image of Soyjak wiki’s front page on it, and with a halo-like triangle behind his head that never rotates no matter what angle his face is viewing (just like heckin Mickey Mouse ears!). This triangle is gold-coloured, with rubies on each of its three corners, and two ornate antenna-like things extending from each side of the top corner. He also wears the logo of the Soyjak Wiki as a necklace. This depiction and its derivatives are most popular. The second depiction is as an angel with the Wiki as a book in his hand. The third depiction is neutralplier with “Angeleno” shittily drawn on his forehead. The fourth depiction is a light-blue wholesomejak with a stack of books on his head.
  • Froot is portrayed as an orange, with his skin as the colour of the same name, and a brown (thing) coming from his head with a dark green leaf sprouting from that. His glasses are tinted light green.
  • proof froot is the worst admin

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Captain Coal was NOT a real admin and you WON'T read about him

>kuz was admin for less than a year

strange !

>oh my science what a fun and colourful cast of characters !!


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I think we should not number an Admin if he is admin for less than a week


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