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This page is for original soyjaks, other soyjak edits should be in List of Iconic Soyjaks
Image Names and article (if there is one) Earliest recorded appearance Based on Source
/int/ Feels Guy (Wojak)
  • Crying Soyjak
  • Cryjak
/int/ Crying Wojak
/int/ Markiplier
/v/ Jacksepticeye
/mu/ Former Guinness World Record holder for largest mouth gape
/tv/ Trailer reaction video
/tv/ Tony Soprano
  • E.T. Soyjak
/int/ E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Leaning Soyjak
/qa/ Gamer taking a selfie
  • קורנליוס האיום
/tv/ קורנליוס האיום's Youtube Profile Picture
  • Pointing Soyjaks
  • Two Soyjaks Pointing
  • Beyond Fried Chicken Soyjaks
/qa/ Two enthused soyboys pointing at a Beyond Fried Chicken sign; left: John Oberg, right: unknown [2]
/int/ El Perro Rabioso
/qa/ Oreo Review Show (youtube)
  • Cobson
  • Gemson
  • Coalson
  • 'son
  • Cob
/qa/ The Lawnmower Man
/soy/ Hal

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