List of Iconic Soyjaks

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>Though Maybe you were looking for List of Soyjak Templates?
Image and Article Names Earliest recorded appearance Based on Source
  • Niggatoes [>iconic]
like a week ago or something A nigger
  • Thoughjak
  • Though Soyjak
  • Thougher cuck
/int/ Crazed Soyjak
  • Calarts soyjak
  • Smiling soyjak
  • Calartsjak
  • Soyjak Holding Phone
  • Soyjak Holding His Phone
  • Soyjak Showing His Phone
/pol/ Markiplier Soyjak
/qa/ Guinness World Record Soyjak
/soy/ Wholesome Soyjak
UNKNOWN Guinness World Record Soyjak, Gaping Markiplier Soyjak and Tony Soprano Soyjak
  • Soyjak Quintet
  • Soy Quintet
UNKNOWN Guinness World Record Soyjak, Tony Soprano Soyjak, Gaping Markiplier Soyjak, E.T. Soyjak and Disgruntled Guinness World Record Soyjak
  • Trannyjak
  • Tranny Soyjak
/int/ Crazed Soyjak
  • Hanging Trannyjak
  • Hanging Troonjak
  • Ackjak
/qa/ Front-facing Guinness World Record Soyjak
/v/ Markiplier Soyjak
  • Ragejak Eat The Bugs Soyjak
/tv/ A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak