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This page is a gem.

This page might be biased
Norwegians may vandalise this page gem from time to time.

This page is meant to give ‘teens good resources to bait almost all (active) 4chan boards out there, as well as most other forum/IB/social media sites out there.

"Annoying People Online"[edit | edit source]

Sometime in late 2022 there was a thread where soyteens suggested strategies of trolling mainly 4chan but also other parts of the internet. Here it is:

Annoying People Online

  1. Using soyjaks and gigachads
  2. Gmod griefing
  3. Using smuggies
  4. Just spam nigger kek
  5. Breaking redditiquette, for example namefagging and using reddit buzzwords on 4chan (the latter works the best, they HATE "redditspacing" (i.e adding empty paragraphs to make your text more readable)), reddit, instagram links etc.
  6. Might go without saying, but act like a complete and utter retard.
  7. Just post Cobson, guaranteed rage.
  8. if we could have a whole group of users avatarfagging while acting rude, bombastic, and arrogant that would be gemmy. like we attach all these annoying connotations to an image. it’s not easy to organise groups like that though, so you might have to samefag but that's sad and boring.
  9. Just post bait.
  10. Thread derailment.
  11. Post any sort of bait on /pol/ guaranteed replies
  12. We should do ratio raids on 4chan. If we do this, make sure to set up a little counter ratio so they look even more pathetic
  13. Another method would be ratioing. It works because people don't like it when you import twitterfag culture or really any other form of normie culture, it's obnoxious, if the ratio wins you can have a big celebration to smear shit in their face, and it derails threads
  14. You can also samefag mass reply your own thread to cause maximum butthurt such as “win” “wwwwww” etc
  15. Oppositechadding but make it really obvious that you're doing that
  16. You should also make posts that greatly praise anime or shit on anime. For some reason people get really butthurt about chinktoons
  17. spamming the same thing over and over again is guaranteed to make people mad (unless they ignore you)
  18. pretending to be the anon someone is replying to, especially in a long conversation, and even more especially in a friendly conversation, in which case you can have a complete change in character to confuse them. then when the actual anon tries to clear up the confusion you act like they're sabotaging. this just made me think of the reverse: interrupting a random conversation saying that “it's rude to barge in on our conversation like that" or something like that
  19. ^ do this but write a completely normal and logical response, except that it looks very AI generated, which would creep both anon 1 and anon 2 out since anon 1 thinks he was talking to a bot the whole time, and anon 2 thinks the thread is being monitored by a malicious bot
  20. i’ve heard in another thread similar to this one that 4cucks really fucking hate when you criticise their culture
  21. Use le funny logical fallacies and other dumb shit idek
  22. in a long argument (that you're not a part of) just reply to someone with something like “I'm joking, you fucking mong”, so that they'll think you backed down and make fun of you from there. chaos might ensue. i'm testing this right now. you can also say the same thing when someone writes a long a detailed answer to you so they feel dumb after doing that
  23. Make fake advertisements for real but hardly known companies and spam them
  24. Make fake news articles and tweets
  25. say something like “as part of the biometrics program, all user activity in this will be monitored and users' posts will be stored in a datacenter. If you wish to individually opt-out, please contact [email protected].” the goal is to creep people out
  26. Use haxxs in online shooters
  27. Tell someone he types exactly like a bot and say he's a bot
  28. in /his/ or any other pseudointellectual board, reply to random long posts saying “yep, that's a bandwagon fallacy”. it doesn't matter what they're saying, it could still cause seethe.
  29. go up to someone at the mall. tell them "everything's for sale". go up to someone at school. tell them "youre at school right now"… oh online nvm lol
  30. Post schizo gems, especially if they're contrary to the current discussion
  31. replying to a post you didnt make saying “meant for” then replying to another post you didn't make, with the goal of causing thread derailment and confusion
  32. Go on jewtube and leave a comment, either a reddit joke or something everyone will agree with, then once you get a ton of replies and likes, edit it to say something racist.
  33. If there's id's you can act like a retard then act like a know-it-all, and alter between that a few times
  34. Write and act like an actual zoomer. Guaranteed rage especially on 4cuck where zoomer hate is everywhere. Something along the lines of "on god fr fr no cap" or "no cap zoomer lives rent free in your boomer head fr"
  35. Impersonate avatarfags, and tripfags (this WILL not be elaborated on further)

General/multiple[edit | edit source]

  • Samefag.
    • Accuse other posters of being samefags. If they post proof that they're not, claim that the picture was edited.
    • If accused of being a samefag, take a screenshot of the post accusing you and edit out one or more (You)s in MS Paint. 4cuckers can't tell the difference between a doctored screenshot and a legitimate screenshot, so responding to whoever's attacking to you with an edited screenshot will still give you the moral high ground.
  • Snitch on people. The report button is your friend... just don't be a selfish little fuck and friendly fire on other 'teens.
    • Remember: jannies can view IP ban history, and don't take reports from frequently-banned IPs as seriously. If you're reporting from an IP you've caught a lot of bans on, consider resetting your router; or if phoneposting, clearing your 4chan(nel) cookies, turning airplane mode on and off, and switching to mobile data instead.
    • Report anyone who says a racial slur for "Racism outside of /b/." Casual racism may be deeply ingrained into 4cuck culture, but it's still against Global Rule 3b, and it could be enforced with a 3-day ban if the right janny reviews your report.
  • Interject yourself into conversations between two posters and pretend to be one of them.
    • If it's a polite conversation, become passive-aggressive or outright hostile over anything you could potentially perceive as a slight against you.
    • If it's an argument, politely admit defeat and tell the other person that they're right.
  • Accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being a Discord raider.
  • Accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being from the sharty.
  • Accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being underage.
  • Accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being all of these, in no specific order.
  • LARP as a flat earther. The dumber, the better (works best in /sci/, /pol/ , /x/).
  • Use this website: to fake an iPhone filename. 'cucks HATE phoneposting , so this is a very good method to derail a thread.
  • Use Reddit spaces. The more, the better.

/a/[edit | edit source]

The easiest way to bait anons on /a/ is to post a soyjak, however the jannies will probably delete your thread quickly. Therefore, you will likely have to use a stealthjak

actually anything that isn't specifically tranime can trigger them, /a/ is VERY hostile to off-topic content, even manime like Dragon Ball Z can make them furious sometimes.

tl;dr /a/ fucking sucks and is dead because the jannies spend more time pruning & handing out all board bans than actually watching anime. Even the old /tg/ nazi mod wasn't this bad.

There is also one particularily autistic user who will chimp out and start spamming mass replies in the thread accusing everyone of being the same person if he sees you criticize yuri, especially in Madoka threads (posting pictures of Madoka characters with men also works). For this reason attacking yurishit can lead to pretty hilarious results, and usually won't result in a ban if you don't soyjak post.

/qa/[edit | edit source]

Just criticize soyjaks or anything pertaining to /qa/ culture. [DO NOT RESEARCH]

/b/[edit | edit source]

Board that is designated as "Random" but is nowadays is just filled with pedomaxxed Epsteincels reposting loli threads, shota breads, trannies, sissy hypno and interracial porn. Despite being 'random" the board is mainly filled with porn threads and literal spambots. Jannies are too busy jerking each others' nanopenii off instead of actually making the "random" board look anything like it did back when /b/ was good (i.e. never).

Occasionally you can troll those rare human coomers by dumping the "wrong" fetish, such as scat WEBMs in a thread about sissy femboys.

/b/ also has a schizo (or a group of them) commonly referred as "animaterr man" who spams "Andy Sixx's log of shit" meme and has a YouTube channel dedicated to it.If someone insults animaterr and his beloved meme, he usually calls this user "logless shill" or "Eustace"(portrayed as Eustace Bagge from Courage the Cowardly dog). Impersonating animaterr man causes 4cucks to have a serious mental breakdown.

Posting about trannies is also a good way to get replies. Racebait threads in general also work

This board is usually best forgotten because it's just a porn dump.

/co/[edit | edit source]

Modern cartoons are made by loser 30+ millennials for other loser millennials, and not children. Your average head producer of any popular cartoon is probably a kike & their social media will be filled with leftist insanity. Blame /pol/ for the presence of politics and not the people actually injecting it.

/co/ in general is filled with people who consume goyslop capeshit media so they aren't intelligent. Argue some extremist position with cited studies and you will cause other posters to crack spectacularly (including the janny).

Popular classics include Two Babies One Fox, Pete Time (jooshter) and Moe the Crow in "A Pound of Flesh".

Insisting on the CalArts bean mouth meme also causes a small amount of seethe.

/g/[edit | edit source]

Mimic being Jay Louis Irwin and post anti-linux shit. Posting /pol/ shit (for example hating on trannies) will also grant you some replies.

Advocate for obvious chinkshit as though it were just as good as whatever it's ripping off. (This also works on /v/ but there's more material for it on /g/.)

Shill soyware such as Rust, Wayland, Hare, etc.

/his/[edit | edit source]

Post like you would on /pol/ and you will get every /his/torian seething. Constantly correlate history with current hot button topics or news.

Try to relate every possible topic to the Holocaust (be sure to post specific estimates of jews burned.) Relate all losses, suffering, casualties, bad things happening to anyone, etc. to the 66 trillion jews who died. Then insist the jews suffered worse.

Mentioning and supporting any "alternative historian" like Graham Hancock and the Ancient Aliens guys is guaranteed to double the size of a thread just with the flame war it causes, even better if you use facebook boomer tier "infographs" to defend your position.

Also religion.

/k/[edit | edit source]

Aggressively shill on behalf of Ukraine or Russia. /k/ is astroturfed as fuck by paid agents to make you want to support Ukraine, but the people they hired to do it are so bad at their jobs that it's essentially the same thing as flooding/trolling. So imitate them or be a pro-Russian contrarian; This also works for China. Posting about chinese hardware, weapons or updates will piss them off greatly and give you a chance to derail the thread into US-China shitflinging

Advocate for Turkish-made anything in any general thread. LARP as an underage retard with basic questions & with firearm knowledge limited to movies. Glowpost

Insist that the Rhodesians were losers & their little underage white daughters got the BBC by force. This works especially well because it actually happened, South African history is a blackpilled racebaiter's dream.

Post about russian military hardware with classic /v/ openers such as "Do you like planes?" or "Is precision bombing good for you?"; this will drive them mad and get them to accuse you of being armatard

Making threads shitting on the US army, with pics of mutilated veterans or US ZOG troopers parading with pride flags is also a guaranteed, short-lived seethe.

Here's a list of countries that will always generate seethe on /k/ when talking about their weapons

  • Russia
  • China
  • Iran
  • North Korea

mention red and black liquens (from Tom Bedlam's homegrown stock®), "zappers" or maybe even "planet dirt"

/lgbt/[edit | edit source]

i dont think this one needs to be explained Fags and dykes all hate trannies. Casually liken trannies to fags/dykes while insisting you are a fag or dyke. Insist on comradery with even the most repulsive elements of trannyism.

Everyone hates bisexuals since "they aren't really gay" so posting your opinion as one is guaranteed to get (You)s.

Concern troll as a reined-in homosexual who doesn't understand the need for pride parades, gay marriage, etc. Faggots constantly yearn for validation, suggesting they don't need something is guaranteed replies.

/mlp/[edit | edit source]

/mlp/ posters are mostly washed up chuds who probably haven't experienced any emotion besides nostalgia for at least 5 years. As such, even the best quality bait might fail to get the reaction you expected. /mlp/ jannies are also known for instantly deleting anything that even remotely resembles a soyjak. At least a basic understanding of the show is also required.

Here are the possible approaches you can take:

  • Derailing threads is extremely effective, even a single post can do the job if you find the right approach;
  • Claim that the show wasn't that good to begin with;
  • Try stealthjakkingdon't think it was tried before on this board, potentially gemmy!;
  • Post this trvthnuke:

MLP:FiM Quality Chart & Hot Takes[edit | edit source]

Hey guys, I want to start a discussion by sharing this chart I made explaining my personal views of how I would divide up the eras of MLP: Friendship is Magic by quality, tone, and the staff involved. Below I will elaborate on some of my controversial opinions:

My personal season ranking is 4>2>3>1>5>7>6>9>8. I actually slightly prefer the McCarthy Era over the Faust Era overall, but I recognize the changes and I completely understand why some strongly prefer the Faust Era. I personally find both eras great in different ways, and I believe MLP didn't decline until after McCarthy and the veteran writers left.

I also understand why some really like seasons 6-9, and I did like plenty of episodes within them. I actually liked Starlight and the student 6, and I thought that the biggest issue in these seasons was how they did not use them enough. In spite of how rushed and unearned I found Starlight's initial redemption to be, I actually found her to be a likeable character after that for the most part. Heck, the Season 6 finale is one of my favorite episodes. I just wish she had more screen time, a more in depth arc, and more interactions with the other characters.

I found the student 6 to be likeable, a breath of fresh air for the show, and they had a lot of potential. Hearth's Warming Eve was a wonderful episode proving this. However, I thought Seasons 8 & 9 squandered them with a nonsensical concept and barely using them. The Friendship School made no sense. The mane 6 had busy lives already and should have not been teachers, let alone the ONLY teachers. Having friendship being some academic thing that requires several classes to be taught is really weird, since friendship is developed mainly through experience. Celestia didn't teach Twilight friendship, she had her practically learn it. The school should have been a normal boarding school with educational classes taught by actual teachers. It can be still a friendship school by just having all these different species there interacting and being taught good values.

The student six themselves got very little development, only having a few episodes starring them. This was a true shame, since they were fresh and interesting characters providing something new to the show, while all of the established characters were so played out by this point. I fully believe that the student six should have been the main characters in these seasons. If the show would have been willing to fully commit to its new concepts, I would have respected the hell out of it, and there was plenty of potential for story lines featuring these characters. Seeing their friendships grow and seeing the mane six mentor them could have made for a great two seasons. Sadly, the show wasted them. Seasons 8 & 9 were halfway stuck between trying to be unique and trying to be more of the same, and they fail in both of these departments in my opinion.

Did vaush just BTFO Don Turtelli's 'KYS' Arguments?[edit | edit source]

>Explains how people like Lee aren't interested in barney as a show

>Explains how missed threads have risen since Don started posting outside of /mlp/ after the 8channers and /qa/posters moved out and that missed threads for Don were previously low in comparison

>Explains how bronies have been systematically discriminated against

>Explains how Don's policies have previously kept /mlp/ down and how making cheese is the only way for bronies to prosper in densely populated poorly moderated boards

>Explains how sometimes 4chans policies have been constructed to hurt Bronies even after autobanning Lee from /mlp/

>Explains why the fact that bronies are more likely to be gay isn't sufficient evidence to suggest that bronies should 'FUCKING DIE.'

>Everything said in the video is backed by well drawn cheese

>Gives concrete solutions on how to fix this

^This looks more like a leebait. Highly doubt that 4cuck's /mlp/ posters would even get this albeit

/mu/[edit | edit source]

Posting "Dude is that *X Band*? Turn that shit way up my guy!" with a Cobson seems to work. Also Christgau.

/pol/[edit | edit source]

This is meant to be an archive for various gemmy copypastas ‘teens can spam in places like /pol/ or /leftypol/ to farm (You)s. Note that, for now, only the ‘aush copypasta is proven to get (You)s every single time, though the others do still seem to work well. We recommend slightly changing each aspect of the ‘pastas in gemmy ways (such as changing the YouTube link to a David Thoughie video, or replacing random words with “nigger”) to see whether or not the GPT bots will still fall for the bait (they probably will).

Alternatively, making stealth race-baiting threads also works. Or anything about women, jews etc (that doesn't favour their "political view") just make sure to throw some scientific/news articles here and there. For maximum effect, use an Israeli IP, and use a memeflag for the OP, but stop using it somewhere down in the replies. It is a guaranteed shitstorm *if* it gains traction.

A very easy way to always bait retards on /pol/ is making threads on why right wingers will lose a second American civil war, bonus points if the thread image is a drone.

Support ANY e-celeb , left , right , wignat, chuddy twitter, etc . Every single one of them will cause massive seethe, specially the more controversial ones like Nick Fuentes or Bronze Age Pervert. Bonus points if you try to shill them in a way that subtly implies you are them self posting in the website.

Fed post in a way that won't get you banned but will still make people very suspicious.

Did vaush just BTFO all of 4chan's 13/50 arguments?[edit | edit source]

>Explains how people like you aren't interested in solving black issues
>Explains how black crimerates have risen since blacks started to move to poor inner city areas after the Irish and the Italians moved out and that crimerates for blacks were previously low in comparison
>Explains how socioeconomic factors have lead black people to commit more crimes.
>Explains how blacks have been systematically discriminated against
>Explains how US policies both now and in the past have kept blacks down and how joining criminal gangs is sometimes the only way for blacks to prosper in densely populated poor inner city areas
>Explains how sometimes US policies have been constructed to deliberately to hurt black people even after civil rights
>Explains why the fact that blacks commit more crimes isn't sufficient evidence to suggest that it's all genetic
>Everything said in the Video is backed up by extensive research
>Gives concrete solutions on how to fix these issues

Where is YOUR evidence to back up your ridiculous claims about black crime statistics? By all means, watch the whole video, i promise you that you can't debunk it.
>inb4 i get told to shut the fuck up by someone who hasn't watched the video and is triggered by these FACTS
>inb4 someone says oppressing blacks is good
>inb4 someone says bring back slavery
>inb4 someone uses anecdotal evidence
>inb4 someone links black crime statistics without context and without an analysis of WHY blacks commit more crimes
>inb4 someone calls me a cuck
>inb4 someone says flag checks out
>inb4 "muh slide thread"
>inb4 "sage" because /pol/tard is triggered by a different opinion

keep the discussion on topic and don't do anything that is mentioned above in the inb4 section. You should be open minded and watch the video instead and discuss it WITH SOURCES.
i'm open to having my mind changed. but only with reliable sources that explain why the numbers are look like they do.

HasanAbi[edit | edit source]

What is it about HasanAbi that makes chuds seethe so much? Is it envy?

>One of the biggest streamers
>1.1 million subscribers on YouTube alone
>Twice that many followers on Twitch
>Regularly pulls in 500 thousand views on his Twitch streams
>A whole army of intelligent zoomers soon to vote in the next elections

It is clear that Communism is on the rise, far faster than your incel ideology ever will be.

>More than half of zoomers embrace socialism more than capitalism

Clearly the people have spoken, and they have spoken for communism.

To add more salt in the wounds of the salty chuds… did Hasan just BTFO all the chud's great replacement bullshit?

>Dismantles arguments about how Jews are in charge of it all
>Dismantles that race even exists and is a social construct
>Explains how mainstream media virtue signals to them and how their ideas aren't that niche and obscure
>Explains the entire history of the concept of race
>How Capitalism oppresses black people more then white people because that's what billionaires and the bourgeoisie wants
>Explains how anti-semitism is the fools populism
How do (You) refute all these arguments? He literally actually has the brain to back his arguments up instead of the chud "MUH JOOOOOS"

>inb4 sage
>inb4 people bring up Hitler or some dumb shit
>inb4 someone says whites are superior because 13/50 or some dumb shit like that
Actually refute his arguments... I'll wait.

Chud’s worst fear[edit | edit source]

The worst fear of edgy /pol/faced rightoids is being mocked as impotent.
They're immunized against most insults; ugly, fat, evil, monstrous, degenerate - even failsons. They can shrug it all off.
The /pol/face meme on the other hand acts on their deepest fears. Their pathological sense of inadequacy, impotence and fear of emasculation that informs their worldview.

It's okay to be ugly, undesirable, even a cum-guzzling diaper-scat bottom-furry. As long as - deep down - they're feared.
They're okay with being ignored, denounced, even mocked. But they can't stand being laughed at as impotent and powerless. It's many times worse than being ignored or mocked in other ways.
It's like the incel fear that women will laugh at them. It's not the rejection itself, it's having their deep seated self-loathing and impotence publicly acknowledged by the Other.
Specifically: The fear of being perceived as powerless is greater than the actual fear of being powerless.

Liberals of course play right into this by portraying rightoids (including /pol/faced mass shooters) as a terrifying unstoppable evil that should be feared by the masses. Something they get off to. Every. Time.

/pol/ has been mocked for years, going back to the 7+1chan days. So far nothing stuck. Leaders exposed as zionists and pedophiles? Nothing. Furries and Nazis in drag? Nothing. Hypocrisy? Statistics? Actually existing white genocide by rightoids? Nothing.

The /pol/face though made them melt down within 24 hours. To be the point they've spend days spamming with thousands of IPs to prove how "not mad" they are. (Mind that they've never done this before)

And before you say "words words words" or "da left cant meeem" here's a TLDR: You're impotent, inadequate, powerless. And deep down you know it.

Leftypol Bait[edit | edit source]

Did Mike Enoch just BTFO all of leftypol's race denial bullshit?
>Dismantles arguments about poverty causing crime
>Dismantles the idea that there wasn't enough time for iq differences to evolve
>Explains how the mainstream media is run by jews who push race denial so they can outcompete whites
>Explains the entire history of the concept of race
>How capitalism oppresses white people by importing nonwhites and using them to break up unions and lower wages
>Explains how marxism is the fools socialism

How do (You) refute all these arguments? He literally actually has the brain to back his arguments up instead of just "MUH CHUUUDS"
>inb4 sage
>inb4 people bring up Lewontin or some dumb shit
>inb4 someone says nonwhites are superior because tbp or some dumb shit like that

Actually refute his arguments... I'll wait.

/tv/[edit | edit source]

make BBC jokes in the /who/ (doctor who general) thread (bonus point if you creatively make an innuendo with the other BBC) or impersonate the local schizo who copies walls of text from previous /who/ threads and R9K /britfeel/ threads and somehow never get banned by the jannies.[1]

/v/[edit | edit source]

Post vidya butts.(this isn't good trolling doe, it just makes jannies instantly delete your thread)

Pretend to really like Sony or the Playstation 4/5. Insist anyone who doesn't agree is a chud/Trump voter/leftist/supports Russia/etc. Basically LARP as a modern day Chad Warden but with more Amerifag politics

Enter one of the dime-a-dozen waifu softcore dumps, drastically lower the thread image limit by spamming pics of something else. Popular waifus (Peach, Samus) probably have loads of fetish art of them shitting in diapers, etc.

Aggressively praise known kusoge such as Fallout 3. Insist Metal Gear Solid 4 (for example) was way better than all of the prior games. Anyone who disagrees is soyjak while you are a gigachad, obviously

Spam feet threads with foot fetish soyjaks.

Spam extremely low quality threads praising Pizza Tower.

Remind pedophiles they will hang.

BBCposting is genuinely the best option you have, even just low-effort attempts generally work well, this can work to any thread that's about a specific vidya girl, but dedicated coomer threads are the golden targets, keep in mind that this makes you a target to any janny reporter and don't expect to last past a day if you do this, for bonus points, loli threads are particularly juicy marks.

In "culture war" threads, threads that have fuck all to do with the actual game in question and is just a thinly disguised platform for political flamewars, pretend to be a leftist/tranny, oppose any common points of the "chuds", this doesn't have to be actually valid arguments, just attacking their identity and beliefs have a 100% success rate no matter what.

The occasional gay/femboy threads that sporadically pop-up on /v/ have a specific type of baiting, never, stop, spamming out how white boys are feminine/gay/faggots/LGBT, this can eventually get the thread completely derailed, but this is a particularly high-effort endeavor that can last multiple hours.

Call bridget a woman/cute transgirl in any Guilty Gear thread.

/vp/[edit | edit source]

Main article: /vp/ trolling tactics

/vst/[edit | edit source]

to do list: do more research and peer reviewed studies on good ways to troll this board

for now you can probably just go into the starsector threads and start arguments over people using anime portraits, modded cheat ships, the RapeSector mod, etc. for guaranteed butthurt.

/vt/[edit | edit source]

Every vtuber fanbase hates every other one. Make use of current happenings to sow divisiveness, encourage blood feuds and falseflag.

Post Annoying Orange as he is the first vtuber.

posting 'ackbox gems

/x/[edit | edit source]

Unironically start calling other glowies and schizos, if you are clever, play both sides at the same time.

Impersonate some LARPer in his own thread and start claiming you made it up and are impressed that people got fooled by it, fight back the real OP as if he was a pretender (similar to #22 in the list above)

/trash/[edit | edit source]

DNI. no really just get someone to pick up a railroad spike and a hammer, and have them drive it into your head. it'll be quicker and less painful.

/ic/[edit | edit source]

The art board. It's a drama-infested hellhole, so much that it's the only board with a "no drama" rule because art people are that fucking vile.

Just try to cause as much as drama as you can - Critique someone's artwork in the snarkiest way possible , without adding any positive constructive feedback.

Make purposefully shitty "redlines" of their artwork in order to misguide them or just cause some seething, give them terrible art tips or just tell them to read Loomis or take Drawabox.

Post AI art or make AI art threads claiming that AI has replaced human beings etc.

Ask for a drawfag's socials and then tell them their work looks like shit. Tell porn artists to get an actual job.

Since most people who lurk and post on this board are fags and women they'll lose their temper rather easily.

There's also a furry art general which is just an echo chamber where furfags sugarcoat eachother, so this effect might be further amplified.

Other Websites[edit | edit source]

Crystal Cafe[edit | edit source]

Ask if you can have sex with the foids

Reddit[edit | edit source]

Say anything even slightly conservative on a default subreddit, and there will be guaranteed seetheralds generated. On a shitposting subreddit with a lot of brimstone pro-troon memes posted, say something about how you don't want the subreddit to become a tranny circlejerk and there will be butthurt trannies telling you that you are hecking transphobic even doe you didn't actually say anything explicitly troonphobic. Post long rambling schizo gems. When acting racist or le hecking misogynist, do it “ironically” so they won’t be tipped off. In reference to the recent API drama, say that Spez and the admins aren't actually that bad and that the subreddit jannies are even worse, and you'll definitely get some replies.[edit | edit source]

Post anything pro-sharty or pro-Kuz and watch the seethe. Bonus points if you use a laughing Cobson.

In general, do anything that would be stereotyped as something that a nusharteen (aka a newGOD) would do. This includes but is not limited to self-inserting, posting any jaks made in 2023, posting ponies and gossiping about sharty drama.

If you really want to take it up a notch, post about Kuz being a faggot pedophile and make it seem like a good thing by stating that j*rtycvcks are just jealous that they couldn't get laid and have some cute shota bussy like Kuz did.

The ‘arty[edit | edit source]


Bait images[edit | edit source]

You WILL fill this section with relevant information NOW

Citations[edit source]

  1. for some unknown reason, unlike the other generals /who/ is notorious for being completely ignored by the jannies which has led to the creation of a remarkably active (for 2020's 4cuck standards) ecosystem of shitposters and gemmy schizos. further info