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/int/ - International may refer to:

  • The 4chan board where many soyjaks originate, including the original open mouth edit, depending on which soy history narrative you subscribe to. [1]
  • A Krautchan board where the original wojak was first posted outside of vichan (a polish imageboard). It is also the home to country balls, and had country flags before 4chan implemented it.
  • An 8chan board where the term "cuckime" was invented. It was originally used by die-hard anime connoisseurs against moe-shit tranny cartoons. /int/ had a sister board called /intl/ - International Lounge, where many hardcore shitposters even for 8chan reigned.
  • A soyjak.party board. It is dead, but sometimes you will be able to interact with many soyjak shitposters like the czech chud and jewish teen.

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