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I think its kinda funny how I can do like this thing where I ban anyone I dont like, its like my own private discord![1]
Fucking bull shit dirt admin

frooty froob is fucking retard pussy nothign else

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Froot is most commonly portrayed as a Gapejak. This has never happened before.

Froot, also known as FrQQt, Fr✡️✡️t, VANTABLACK JEW and Froot "Flaccis Penis" Faggot by detractors, is a faggot and failed experiment from the CIA[2] who acts as the current administrator and owner of, as of late 2023. He is the co-founder of the currently ruling Soyumvirate alongside former owner Doll (now retired) and admin Angeleno.

According to Froot himself, he became involved with the sharty somewhere around July of 2023[3]. He would later take a central role in the sharty's leadership during the Soypocalypse and subsequent temporary closure of the site, where he offered to purchase the sharty altogether from Doll. This was received positively by 'teens, and many were hopeful that this would be the start of something gemmy. Despite this, he of course remained a controversial figure in, because he wasn't Soot or Lute.

While views on Froot were initially somewhat positive if not neutral, Froot quickly became extremely controversial with the beginning of the 50 Board Plan and subsequent Great Purge, where many were 'nished for posting on /dawla/ and /mlp, regardless of context. This caused many 'teens to turn against him, with some even claiming he's Admin 6. He is often described as a tyrant, and is known to 'nish criticism against him[4], however some initially credited him with saving the sharty and cracking down on coal.

Froot's reign over the sharty has seen an increase of off-site raiders, bait, and namefag drama. Ultimately, Froot is one of the most controversial admins in this site's history.

Limeline[edit | edit source]

Early involvement and first mention[edit | edit source]

According to statements from Froot, he's been involved with the sharty since at least around July 2023, although to what extent is currently unknown. Mysteriously, Froot was first mentioned publicly by an IP in Israel who created this article, with it only saying "sQQn, FrQQt VVill rise... Stay tvned FrQQt pvtriQts. a stQrm is cQming.". A 'teen attempted to delete the article, only for Angeleno to intervene and call it the "best page on the wiki"[5].

Purchase of the Sharty[edit | edit source]

On August 23rd, 2023, Doll restores the sharty and it is revealed that Froot has purchased the site from him, and would be co-ruling alongside Doll and Angeleno as part of the Soyumvirate. He would hold a QNA thread, re-instate /x/ as well as add a new board dedicated to himself - /froot/. He also accidentally reveals his tripcode the same day because he is retarded or something.[6]. Froot's first few days as admin marked the largest amount of interaction an admin had ever had with the sharty, posting in many a thread, and even playing a few games with 'teens like Makeitmeme and Roblox[7].

He also somehow moved a faggot thread to the 'cuck's /lgbt/ board or he just copied there.

50 Board Plan and Controversy[edit | edit source]

Pissbaby chudcel Froot is just like da heckin orange man, oh wait...

On the 3rd of September 2023, Froot implemented the 50 Board Plan, a parody of Kuz's Five Board Plan, adding boards such as:

This was immediately met with mixed reactions. Due to a 'teens suggestion, Froot decides to hold a vote on which boards would stay and which would go[8]. During this time, many 'teens shitposted on /dawla/ and /mlp/ to fuck with muslims and bronies. However, this would come back to haunt them in a way they never thought possible. On September 4th, 2023, Froot would begin The Great Purge, also known as Operation Unthinkable, where he 'nished anyone and everyone who posted in both boards[b]. Although 'teens caught in the crossfire were able to appeal later on and promptly un'nished.

Alongside the ongoing controversy, at some point, the first ever Chood appreciation thread was taken down, leading to the Cult of Chood's denouncement of Frootism, and pronouncing him Admin 6.

Pomegraniticies[edit | edit source]

According to old scriptures, "Froot" is Admin 6 and will kill the site. Why? peer-reviewed studies show that he actually hates soyjaks and wants to kill soy culture with his power tripping and over moderation. He’s also been caught of datamining.[9][10]On top of that, he’s been 'nishing VPNs likely in hopes that you’ll use your real IP.

Froot is mean[edit | edit source]

He's a jerk and he bullied me.[11]

Facterines[edit | edit source]

Froot is a Josiecel?
  • He is in favor of TND
  • He will bleed.
  • He is a nametroon
  • He is the most active owner as of September 2023
  • He is anywhere between 20 and 47 years of age (even doe the post where he says that he is 47 is an obvious joke you 80 IQ nigger)
  • He is planning to kick all Kolyma influence from the site
  • He is planning to use the slight profits from selling 'jak plushies to pay the server costs
  • His favorite NAS is Thugposting
  • He doesn't hate Kuz
  • Froot and Doll are in a loving bull and cuck relationship.
  • He doesn't hate /caca/posting and is in fact a /caca/poster himself. He even advocated for /caca/ to be made.
  • He loved Ongezellig and is planning to delete /qa/.
  • His favorite Fishtank participant is Letty and he doesn't like Josie
  • He doesn't like Skibidi Toilet
  • He wants to add /cado/ (he added it)
  • He's going to get new jannies for the sharty
  • He listens to nigger music but it's hecking ok because all the artists he listens to are white.
  • He hasn't watched anime since 2014
  • His eye color is C20
  • He allegedly started browsing /qa//the sharty in late 2022/2023
  • His favorite soyjak variant is Impish Soyak Ears
  • His favorite soyjak is Cobson
  • He does have STDs
  • His favorite sport is motorsport
  • He supports Russia, but only because (((Max))) said so
  • He doesn't think Max is a bad person
  • He is a diehard f1troon
  • He is planning to put ads on the site, though he did promise that there won't be any blacked ads and that the ads would be interesting
  • He fucked a girl in Montpellier, meaning that he's not a virgin like 99% of us
  • He has a girlfriend that he is planning to marry
  • He is a White European from a first-world country in Europe
  • He doesn't care about 'nishment evading that much and has been 'nished from the sharty 8 times
  • He was named by "a random dude on Discord." [12] Doll, so that his tripcode would be “Froot ## Bowl”, but never did this because he was “about to be the faggiest fuck on the site”.[13]
  • He uses Windows 10
  • He is Roman Catholic
  • He is Trans
  • He does not mind frogs
  • He likes the movie Parasite (2019)
  • He likes the show Breaking Bad
  • He likes the videogame Minecraft, as well as Rainbow Six (1998) ,Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (1999), Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (2003), Ready Or Not, and Sven co-op
  • He heavily dislikes Muslims, Poles, and Soylita posters
  • He hates niggerweed
  • He gets angry very easily and just like soot is very easy to bait
  • He is 18cm tall.
  • The last anime he had liked is evangeylion when it was still popular with the movies.
  • He uses imageboards since 2015, QA culture since 2022
  • His favorite fruit is tangerines
  • politically speaking, he seems to be larp leaning.
  • He hates e-girls and will personally ban any user posting about them, especially Bonbi (wich mean "he" is probally a FTM troon)
  • He is a fan of General Sam.
  • He is the coal that will kill the sharty

he is a filthy ✡🐷

Most of the facts just mentioned are sourced from the q&a in /froot/[14][15]. Feel free to read the entire archived thread that the citation links to and have Snopes factcheck the facts above in case troons try to vandalize the above list and add false facts. <———— None of the above facts are real though and Froot said all of that just to fuck with you lol. <========= Do you have a peer-reviewed study to back up that claim?

Froot after the great purée

LOOK HERE, LOOK LISTEN[edit | edit source]

Froot is a nigger who Datamines and Bans anyone he doesn't like, he is similar to a certain individual..

Similarities include:

  • Both are intrested in cars
  • Both play Rainbow Six
  • Both dislike individuals not of the white persuasion DISREGARD THAT I'M A ✡
  • Both sperg out at being trolled
  • Both HATE frogs and want them to all fucking die
  • Both are christians
  • Both like Breaking Bad
  • Both run ruin their respective websites by banning anyone they don't like
  • Both want to increase their monetary gain to pay for bills and taxes (Ads for Froot and Donations for Wings)
  • Both are not virgins
  • Both are married/planned to get married
  • Both dislike drugs
  • Both are intrested in facism <RETARD! or authortarian ideologies

Notes[edit source]

  1. Based on the pinned thread (well it’s meant to be pinned but isnt doe lol) on that last board, in which he recommended “Hitler the Last Avatar” by Miguel Serrano, it is likely that Froot is a Fascist.
  2. Those who posted in /dawlah/ were originally going to be 'nished permanently, but then the 'nish wave switched to only a day, whereas /mlp/ posters were perma'd on the 5th.

Citations[edit source]