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>who needs their salmonussy ate
*glug glug glug*
You WILL eat the bait

Fishjak refers to a number of soyjak variants in which soyjaks are portrayed as fish.

Relationship with Sproke[edit | edit source]

Fishjaks can only live in water mixed with soy, and they quickly expire when Sproke is added to their tanks.[1] This is NOT because sproke is highly poisonous to all lifeforms it's just because uh... it doesn't have enough oxygen in it okay?

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The Fishjak seem to be a Colorjak and belonging to the family of the Guinness World Record Soyjak.

Relationship with Kuz[edit | edit source]

Main article: Kuz (Fishes Perspective)

Fishjaks are known for being heavily opninated about Kuz.

Citations[edit source]

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