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Honorary Cob Gemmington, 1 of 9 Soypreme Court Judges. The Soypreme Court has the penultimate say on what is fact and what is fiction, only being outranked by Snopes himself.

A fact is a claim that fact checkers, experts, and Dr. Fauci widely agree to be true.

Characteristics of a Fact[edit | edit source]

A fact must meet the criteria of 3 rules in order to be approved by the Soypreme Court:

  1. It's been fact checked by Snopes.
  2. There has had several peer reviewed studies conducted to back up their claim.
  3. The Scientific Method has been repeated on the "fact" in question at least 1000 times and produced consistent results.

Additionally, a celebratory soyduel may be carried out to commemorate the passage of a fact into truth; however, this is a special ceremony and is only reserved for the truest of facts.

List of Facts[edit | edit source]