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dreamworks soyjak
A Dreamworks soyjak.

In the Soy Community, Dreamworks refers to soyjaks wearing an extremely smug expression composed of exaggerated eyebrows and a distinctive cartoonish grin. You will NOT ask why they are called Dreamworks. There are also rumors of Pixar 'jaks floating around,[1] but so far they have remained lost media. Pixar 'jaks do NOT exist and you will NOT do any further research of the topic.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Despite being hailed by soyjak critics as a decisive step forward for smugjakking, Dreamworks failed to catch on in the wider soy community. In the first seven months after it originated, the 'booru saw only 9 'jaks tagged with Dreamworks,[2] and one of those was a dreamworkless Impish Soyak Ears which is tagged dreamworks anyway because it's Shrek themed.[3]

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See also[edit | edit source]

  • Swirladoo, another euphemism whose origin has been lost to history
  • Shrekchan, a 4chan clone based on Shrek.

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