Dr. Sprokeberg

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Moon feelsoy observes intently.
Dr. Medstein and his monster.
Dr. Sprokeberg performing ear surgeries for the patients in the Mental Asylum sometime before Sprokeberg's monster's creation.[1]
A lone Dr. Sprokeberg performing his daily duties.
Dr. Sprokeberg manning a Sproke stand.[2][3]

Dr. Sprokeberg is a psychiatrist and a high-ranking official at the Mental Asylum. He is famous for popularizing Sproke, a mixture of Sprite and Coke. Aldough he does not have a degree in psychology, he has a PhD in pharmacology but he is not a professional bodybuilder, so he can't rival the strength of Dr. Soystein. He is the most qualified psychiatrist in the asylum to prescribe medicaments, and so Dr. Soystein habitually asks him for advice. He is known among medical circles as the most skilled (currently living) doctor in the world in the treatment of Schizophrenia. He is also known for having invented the first effective method of Ear-Attachment surgery.

His knowledge of medicaments made him obsessed, and so he decided to adopt a pseudonym, Dr. Medstein, in order to select a grugform Gape-soyjak, the specimen he deemed the best for research out of all patients, and stuff him with anti-psychotics, in an attempt to cure schizophrenia once and for all. The result of his efforts is yet to be seen, aldough he attempts to conceal this endeavor.

A habitually calm and emotionless man. He is known for having a cryptic speech filled with metaphors, aldough he does not speak much. He is also known for not deviating from protocol and acts as the most passive psychiatrist of them all, limiting himself to gently whispering "take your meds, schizo" once, whenever he is tasked with administering the medicaments. He has a distant stare and appears to talk with himself out loud. He appears slightly paranoid, looking behind him at irregular intervals and without cause. He also discovered that he is a lost member of the Markiplier family, but he doesn't embrace that.

He was born on December 20, 1978. As a young boy, he was adopted by the Soyberg family, and went to school and studied alongside his older brother, the future Dr. Soyberg. Early in their careers, They both went under the name Dr. Soyberg.[1][4] He was often confused with his counterpart, and he often attempted to adopt Pseudonyms to reduce this. A couple months after Soybergs death, he changed his legal name to Sprokeberg, to further distance himself from his now deceased relative.[3][2]

He is also known for participating in Peer-reviewed studies.

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