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Doom: Project Soy is currently a dead project. You can help by updating this page and making it better reflect the project's death.
Cause of Death: Offsiting / Drama

This page is a gem.

Doom: Project Soy (also referred to Soom or Soy Doom) is the name used for multiple Doom mods themed about

Creation[edit | edit source]

Where it all started.

On January 21st 2023, a chud suggested the idea of creating a themed Doom mod. This sparked the creation of many various doom wads. Sadly, many of the wads and threads are seemingly lost to time due to many catalog wipes that occured on /soy/.

Content[edit | edit source]

The lastest wad of the main fork features a decent amount of content, most notably the campaign-style map lineup, several custom weapons, and a couple of custom enemies. It is presumably nowhere near complete. The main fork is based on quakeorsomething.pk3.

Most Notable Public Versions/Branches[edit | edit source]

Main Page: Doom: Project Soy/Public Versions

quakeorsomething.pk3[edit | edit source]

This is the first wad to feature several features, and most soyDoom wads fork from it. Its versions range from 1.0unofficial name for the original to 1.5.

SCHOOL.wad[edit | edit source]

If this grass field is gone, you're playing the first version.
This is the first difference you can notice. If this grass field is gone, you're playing the first version.

First appeared in FIRSTMAP.pk3. This is the first mission-style map to be a part of the soyDoom library. It features Badfinger's hit 'Baby Blue' in midi form, unless some selfish little fuck breaks it, along with breaking numerous other textures. There are two versions. You can tell these versions apart at the start by judging on whether the entrance has a grass field or not. The second version also allows you to get a Super Shotgun, while the first has a Berserk powerup in its place. Subsequent pk3s mostly feature the first version.

quakeorsomething_Thrembo1.6[edit | edit source]

This is the successor to quakeorsomething.pk3. The 'thrembo' part is named after the Matrix' DemoThrembo.pk3, and supposedly merges the thread and the 'trix forks.

SOOMBETA_2.0[edit | edit source]

The most recent release of soyDoom. The Chud who released this version said they were going on a hiatus. No one has posted updated wads in lieu of this 'teen, but the occasional sprite or two has been contributed to the thread on /tech/.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Matrix Server[edit | edit source]

Blogpost Markiplier
>As of now the Matrix team has stopped using the Matrix for anything other than version archival and plans to merge versions with the thread.

On February 2nd, allegations of tranny shenanigans were directed towards the Project Soy Matrix Server. This is due to a near ubiquitous trend of moving sharty projects off site being hijacked and influenced by sex pests and the like. Several soyteens claimed they were 'nished from the matrix server for trolling and frograider demoralization. This lead to every general since being populated with trolls[1]. A Chud created a thread on /q/, asking janitors to delete posts and 'nish users in the doom general. They have claimed to have never been a part of the 'trix.[2] There is one confirmed 'nishment to come out of this.[3] Before the 'trix became an archive server, Janny made a decision to move one of the threads to /incel/ because the project "Seems to be mostly a private discord" [4] The project has since returned to threads scattered across several boards.

The Nusoyteen[edit | edit source]

Main Page: The Nusoyteen

"The Nusoyteen" is a nickname given to the leader of the now mothballed Matrix server, and the creator and former main editor of this wiki article. When the controversy section was added, he used the "revert" button a lot. He, or another member of the 'trix, is often accused of being momma's boy to Janny,[2] samefagging, or deleting their own OP, by the project's detractors and the project's trolls. Similar to the Schizo, it is often difficult to pinpoint whether it is The Nusoyteen doing a particular thing or not due to the anonymous nature of the Sharty.

Some speculate the Nusoyteen is Arizona.

The Schizo[edit | edit source]

The Schizo is arguably the worst kind of coaler. He tries his best to shut down potential gems. He is easily identifiable by the limited rotation of images he uses and ESL typing style. Tactics he uses include samefagging, falseflagging, creating anti-SoyDoom threads, comparing the project to Reddit, calling the project coal, making bad suggestions, et cetera. Everyone he dislikes is a part of an imaginary "doom 'cord". He is most likely not a frogchud, because he has been observed on at least one occasion to insult a frogposter for using "reverse psychology"[3]

He has made it clear he adamantly despises the project, and wishes for it to not be finished. He might very well be seething about soyDoom right now, while you are reading this text. If you happen to spot him in the wild, make sure to tell him "Meds, schizo!" especially if others are telling him the same thing. He also appears to hate both the Nusoyteen and Arizona very much, whether they're the same person or not. Interestingly enough, a few Chuds have accused The Schizo himself of being 'zona, during and after 'trix controversy, possibly even before.

Despite the Schizo poisoning his own well with copious amounts of samefagging, there are a handful of actual detractors of the project. The use of a Seethe-o-Meter makes it easier to discern which is which. The Laughing Frog Cabal has also been involved in trolling the threads. There is a confirmed sighting of a frogcuck in this thread.[5]

Very shortly after the most recent soyDoom thread on /soy/ fell of the log, the Schizo has made a couple of threads asking soyteens to "CUI" this very wiki page, and every soyDoom thread on the party.[6] No one listened to the Schizo's orders, and he stopped posting the thread after the second or third time.

Post-Matrix[edit | edit source]

A few days after the controversy, the Matrix team returned to the threads, and made the server an archive. While the Matrix was denounced, the damage seems to have already been done. The project has been associated with crying to jannies, offsiting, necrobumping, trolls, "The Schizo", frogcoalers and "nusoyteens". Currently, the Soy Community is divided in opinion on the project. Some think of it as gemmish, others think it's coal, some just want to troll. There are also some that are more annoyed by the trolls than the project itself, but don't like or care about either side of the controversy. The generals have dried up on /soy/, possibly marking the end of the controversy.

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

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