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Dawah is the act of inviting people to Islam. On soyjak.party, many Akhis call others to islam, or at the very least, to kill those who post Swedish Fails.

Jihad[edit | edit source]

Greater Jihad is the battle of the self (even doe this is quoted from a fabricated hadith), Lesser Jihad for example would be a battle on Swedish fails like this and this, Akhis commonly engage in Jihad against Sw*dish twinks

Dawahmen who are not engaged in cyber warfare are currently preparing to invade Sweden within (thank you jews! you WILL be next.), but the mandem all over the world will link up and slaughter the Sw*de menace whilst listening to music such as Frenzo Harami, Imran Khan and Nasheeds and establish a caliphate that will be unaffected by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, instead it will be governed under the Sharia, as the Holy Qur'an states that legislation should be left to Allah (SWT).

Dawah Pasta[edit | edit source]

I'm sick of Swedish niggers, I've just converted to Islam, praises to Allah (SWT), and I realised my Muslim brothers are already preparing for war against the Sw*des. I'm ready for combat.
I will roll into Sweden with the Mujahideen (man who are on their deen), we will link up with all the AKHIS, who are Pakistani, Afghani, Syrian, Iranian, Palestinian, Turkish, Somali, you name it. All the Sunnis and Shias will link up and we will behead all Sw*dish "men" and marry your women and create a new race of Akhis, and establish a caliphate (not a jewish one though like ISIS was, google: Simon Elliot ISIS).

The pasta is usually attached with a picture of yourself, heres one of me (left) as an example[edit | edit source]