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Brojak is Brimstone.


Soyjak variant
  • Poopson
  • Awful soy
  • Proto-poopson
Origin/soy/, (August 2023)
Traced FromPleaseDiePie

Brojak is a NAS brimstone variant traced from an animation called "PleaseDiePie" by a Newgrounds animator Speedo. Originally posted on /soy/, it received an overwhelmingly negative reception due to it's grotesque and unorthodox appearance for a soyjak. This variant quickly became notorious when shortly after this variant was first posted and forced on the sharty, an event called the Soypocalypse occured which caused many teens to consider this as Poopson. It is a soyjak but it has glasses and stubble.

While the thread from which it originated is gone now, in this thread[1] lies the earliest documented instance of Brojak.

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