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now in lowercase for the authentic /bant/er experience!

/bant/ - International/Random is a waste dump on 4chan created in 2017 with no set topic. It was created as ground to move threads from /pol/ that break the rules, because deleting them would have chuds complaining about muh censorships. Like /pol/, posts show the flag of the poster's country[1]. The board also has IDs like /pol/. You can tell apart posts that were moved from /pol/ because they lost their IDs however.

Many /bant/ users complain about soyjaks "RUINING BOARD CULTURE" even doe /bant/ board culture almost entirely consists of grown men acting like horny teenagers, washed up /pol/ chuds, small children, cirno spammers, necrobumper discord cabals, ironic/unironic weebs, and as already mentioned, pedophiles. The content usually assumes the form of trap porn, "bbc" fetishism, muh feelings posting and live action roleplaying as a woman. Many soyjak.party attention whores like the Moroccan proxyfag and p#blm are confirmed /bant/ posters.

Desu raid[edit | edit source]

In April of 2021, the board was raided by "desu" posters. The entire catalog was filled with "DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU [...]" spam.

Successful soyjak.party /raid/[edit | edit source]


/qa/ migration[edit | edit source]

In early November of 2021, /qa/ was locked during The Great Soyset, and many of its former inhabitants chose to migrate to /bant/. The existing board culture was quickly overrun by the /qa/ diaspora, but promptly 'nished by jannies. To this day, posting keyedjak threads like the good old /qa/ days results in a 3 day 'nishment. You can get away with soyquoting in replies of regular threads albeit.

  1. there are no meme-flags thoughbeit