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>Though Maybe you were looking for the better soy babies?

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Soyjak trend
Booru Posts 139 As of July 12 2023[a]
Based OnVarious; originally and commonly Gapejak

sooby soob

>we are born soy

Babyjak is the product of excessive internet use on the youth. Generations of staring at screens have left babyjaks with small vestigial eyes, only able to make out images on screens. Their speech has developed into meaningless babble as the need for speaking has disappeared with the use of touchscreens and keyboards. They give off a pixelized appearance as a side effect of transferring their physical bodies from the internet back to the real world. Modern technology has allowed them to advocate for the installment of subdermal microchips and neural implants even as infants.

History[edit | edit source]

Babyjaks are a sub-variant known for their distinctive digital compression and corresponding dialect, which is composed mostly of babyspeak. Cacaposting originated in early 2023 and was popularized with the celebrated /soy/ 2,500,000 get. It is thought to have been one of the many absurd jaks produced during brimstone winter as an absurdist edit. While not forgotten, babyjak would be repolarized with its modern culture when doll took over the sharty as admin. This is when baby posting became cacaposting and the babyspeak dialect developed. Doll is also commonly portrayed as one. Everyone who currently posts babyjaks are all into age regression[1]

GETs achieved by Babyjaks[edit | edit source]

Main Article: GET

/g/ 91000000 GET[edit | edit source]

Total Baby Victory

The first (and potentially greatest) baby win so far. Achieved[2] on January 20th 2023.

/jp/ 44444444 GET[edit | edit source]

A massive win on the /jp/ made by a babybot done on August 27th 2023[3]

The Quest for Cacaborea[edit | edit source]

The demands of the babies was met with /caca/[4] becoming a hidden board on June the 27th.

The cacalogue

/caca/gate[edit | edit source]

On June 15, 2023, a post was created suggesting that there was links to embedded child pornography embedded into babies, which could be uncovered through Microsoft Paint. The post, however, was a fake and the image would lead to an image from of trollface.[5] This post however did make some paranoid and some did start making embedded babies following that post.

On July 8, a user from tried pulling this stunt off again with many babyjaks, editing them to have links to pictures of young girls.[6]

Cacaborean Controversy[edit | edit source]

Baby posters or Cacaboreans have been meet with mixed responses on the sharty. Babyjak as a sub-variant was usually looked at with indifference in its early days and even gained favor on the sharty with /soy/ get 2,500,00 and /g/ steal 91,000,000. As cacaposting developed, many users began to question if the babyspeak was excessive. /caca/ being one of the least active boards also drove controversy, causing users to ask why cacaposters would ask for a board they were unwilling to use. The deployment of babybot further soured relations between the soyteens as a whole and cacaposters.

The Fall[edit | edit source]

With the Soypocalypse destroying the sharty, /caca/borea had officially been shut off from its baby citizenry. Many babies were forced to the streets, with many more opting to give up and finally grow up(posting adultjaks). As of August 21, 2023, has been the only splinter to try and rebuild the glory of /caca/borea in a glorious unhidden board, but the damage of the Soypocalypse meant few were able to populate it. Worse still, the Shinny's prevalent 'p spam issue meant that many more were kept away from rebuilding the 'borea. Only time will tell if the babies ever find a new home. The existence of Cacaborea and its future has been made unclear with the sharty's closing, but the splinter site has created a new cacaborea. It has yet to be seen whether cacaboreans have decided to settle it as their new home or not. 'lypse is over, the bottle is full, and mama left the funny blue juice from under the sink out for everyone to enjoy.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit source]

  1. As this variant does not have an official booru tag, the post count was estimated with the tags baby and small_eyes

Citations[edit source]

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