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This page is a gem.

This article is meant to be about how an average 'teen can archive gems because nothing on the internet is permanent!

Local archiving[edit | edit source]

Truly nothing on the internet is permanent, not even archive sites. That's why it's important to save stuff (e.g. images, videos, and even entire webpages) to your local hard drive and to preferably make backups. You can use special software for this part.

  • Ctrl+S on your browser - Ugly
  • Singlefile extension (Chrome/Firefox) - Good overall. Saves the page as you see it in one .html file. Saves full images if you open them.
  • Another option: >he doesn't have a custom-programmed live sharty-compatible vichan archiver >shiggy saving individual threads
  • yt-dlp is a youtube-dl fork that allows you to save audio and video from YouTube and many other sites.
  • ArchiveBox allows you to run your own website archiver locally (can also apparently import from browser bookmarks or history).
  • Learn how to scrape websites with Python or whatever you selfish little fuck.

Shinny archive[edit | edit source] is a replacement for now defunct Log Warehouse based on Hayden. While it is fast and simple, it unfortunately lacks any sort of search features. It is also recommended that you archive particularly important threads manually.

Other archive sites[edit | edit source]

DO NOT exclusively use to save webpages. Uploading files there seems to be okay THOUGH. Use for saving pages instead[edit | edit source]

If you're fed up with the snail speed of the Internet Archive, or wary of using it since 4chan was blacklisted on it[1] then you WILL opt for

Simple archive[edit | edit source]

To do a simple archive, simply paste the thread link into the field that reads "My url is alive and I want to archive its content" and then press the button that says "save". This alone is okay for things like history documentation, especially if a thread is looooong (like this one).

Archiving media[edit | edit source]

If you HATE being stuck with thumbnails, then you can open each original image as it appears in the thread in a new tab and archive each individual link it the same manner you would a thread. You can attempt to archive videos in the same way, but they will NOT embed on and are NOT downloadable from the archive.

Video tutorial[edit | edit source]

If you found the text tutorial hard to follow, here's a video tutorial.

After following this tutorial, put the archived thread link in a place you can easily have access to later.

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