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angeleoy angel

Angeleno, also known as Troongeleno, Trangeleno, lawhichcraft and Rabioso[1] is the acting co-administrator of and administrator of several wikis, including the Soyjak Wiki. He also administrates a modern day revival of world2ch, at[2]

He has a discord account, @realangeleno

List of facts about Angeleno[edit | edit source]

  1. As his name may suggest, he lives in Los Angeles, although he did briefly live in West Tennessee. Angeleno is 21 and goes to business school.[2] He was instrumental in the creation of the bunker site, leading many to speculate that he was none other than Admin Ϫ, though the theory that 'leno is Admin Ϫ quickly faded away.
  2. His favourite meal, part of the (((cultural heritage))) of Los Angeles (where he was born and where he resides or so i think) is raw BBC served on a 'Cado, or, as he calls it "Roscoe's." [3]
  3. If you want more info on him, howvever biased, check out Angeleno_(JartyCUCK_Perspective) (that article is le bad even doe zey are right about him being a troon lover)
  4. He is known to hold a pro-LGBT[4] and pro-everyone view.
  5. He has a discord account, @realangeleno[4]
  6. Angeleno has gotten into controversy by some for using "newspeak" terms such as cisgender, they/them pronouns, or capitalizing Black[it just is, ok?].

As lawhichcraft on the 'craft[5][edit | edit source]

Known mostly as law there, he is one of 3 players to have operator. The other 2 being a retarded communist and a nigger named "DOLL" that never logs on.

For a while law was the only janny as Doll has logged on approximately 1 time since kuz's visit, he was very inactive apart from the times where people who needed him were offline themselves, however this era ended when he made EngineTheCommie a janny and law hasn't logged on much since making the retard a janny. There isn't too much notable about what he did apart from court cases as most of the server is just people griefing and jannies repairing the griefs along with checking who steals using coreprotect.

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