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Soyjak variant
Origin /soy/, Soyjak.party (November 21, 2022)[1]
Booru Posts 37 As of March 4th, 2023
Traced From3kliksphilip

Kliksjak is a traced image of a 3kliksphilip thumbnail in which he's seen biting a CPU because he's retarded.

3kliksphilip is known for making videos about counter strike global offensive/cs2 with various topics, such as spiral stairs, which are very interesting we assure you.

Many theorize that his "brothers" kliksphilip, 2kliksphilip , the fat and fart masters are just himself although this hasn't been proved yet.

Multiple peer-reviewed studies have debunked the existence of 4Kliksjak, 5Kliksjak and Klikjak nor the fat or fart masterjak. You WILL cease your investigation immediately even though you're already aware of their existence.

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